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Black Bloc Organization

This is a good piece on Black Bloc organization. Go to the link for the full text (this is only an excerpt). The Struggle Continues!
{Partial Text}

Introductory Notes

The following document is presented with the intention of furthering the basic effectiveness of our movement by advocating various tactical practices that we hope will
be adopted by the Black Bloc as a whole. The inspiration for this work comes from our complete love for the creative ability/potential of humankind and our uncompromising
dedication to social revolution. Portions of this work tend to take on a militaristic tone. This tone should not be misconstrued as a back door justification for arbitrary hierarchical models of organizing. Rather, the reality of our militant struggle necessitates the language
used in order to most accurately depict our objective circumstances and the methods we must imply in order to come closer to victory. Here it should be pointed out that under no circumstances do we advocate any organizational model that in essence is not compatible with those utilized democratically by Anarchists and revolutionary workers as
practiced during the Paris Commune (1871) and the Spanish Civil War (1936-9). In order to put this work together,we reflected on our own collective experiences as well as looked to history to learn what works within an Anarchistic framework and what does not.

It is our intention here to present an accurate, yet brief, analysis of the present state of the movement generally, as well as the steps we (the Black Bloc) must take in order to
further the cause. Also, the below proposals are directly intended for Black Bloc incorporation only. Fore, any across the board Anarchist adaptation of the more militant
proposals (such as found in the section Preparations For Increased State Repression) would lead to the weakening of the all important above ground community organizing
efforts. We view these efforts as primary to the general cause in that it is through them that the wider populace is brought over consciously to the Anarchist Left. Our struggle
must be conducted at all levels.

Lastly, we encourage you to read this work and discuss it within your collective and/or with other folk within the Black Bloc Anarchist community. It is our hope that such
collectives and interested people connected with the Black Bloc will sign their names (not necessarily their given names) to this and implement the tactical proposals suggested below. In the likely case that the below document is partially unacceptable to our community of struggle, it is our hope that such points of contention be discussed, debated and amended as necessary in order to reach Black Bloc consensus. We here ask that the various Anarchist newspapers and periodicals open up their letter sections for this purpose.

Anarchism and The Broader Movement

While the broader movement has affected some important practical and consciousness building victories, it is still too malleable and indecisive to put an uncritical trust in its visual organizations (as encapsulated in the Direct Action Network).

As revolutionary Anarchists we must continue to support and encourage its participatory and directly democratic currents while steering it away from its unconscious tendencies
towards spectacular abstraction and Liberal capitulation. We must continue to do this through the dissemination of revolutionary Anarchist theory as well as by DIRECT
example, both of the kind on the streets, in community organizing efforts and in regards to our lifestyles. This must continue to be a priority both at demonstrations as well as within the particularities of our local communities.

In this capacity we must be vigilant not to limit our dialectical interactions with the movement itself. In a word, we must continue to reach out to the yet included masses. For it is only through their direct participation that the present system of oppression will
be forever disintegrated and thrown into the wastebasket of history.

The Development Of The Movement

For all of the above reasons, this past year has been marked as a progressive stepping-stone towards the continuing resurgence of the revolutionary Anarchist movement. This in spite of certain painful set backs such as the demise of the Love and Rage organization and the Fire Cracker Info Shop in Massachusetts. The objective historical situation, as well as our newfound practical abilities, has resulted in us moving two steps forward for every step back. However, before we become full of conceit, let it be said that we have many, many dangerous steps to traverse before we reach the end of this epic.

Our Local Communities

It is in our specific communities that we (Black Bloc and Anarchists generally) are able to push the revolutionary Anarchist movement forward through diligent and relevant
community organizing through out the ranks of the disenfranchised.

Here we must continue to do this by forming workers co-cooperatives, community centers, newspapers, the creation of Anarchist art as well as by direct political action
when ever possible. At the large demonstrations we are able to push our movement forward by the organizing and subsequent action of our Black Bloc.


In conclusion, this communiqué is put forward with the intent to spark the constructive development of our revolutionary abilities. It is not meant to be authoritative insomuch as it is intended to facilitate a positive internal dialogue. However, it is our hopes that at least
some of the above suggestions are seriously debated and then adopted by our fellow Black Bloc Anarchists.

We encourage you to replicate and distribute this communiqué however you choose (as long as it is not done for Capitalist profit).

In Solidarity,

Anti-Racist Action


The Green Mountain Anarchist Collective




*No Rights Reserved.

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Effective Protest w/o Distraction 08.Aug.2001 15:00


Only fools, and there is one born every moment, think they can out faschist a faschist. Intimidation is not the way to freedom.


The following was posted on italia.indymedia.org about 2am Sunday June 22 just as the beatings
began to happen in Genoa.

Genova is so like Seattle. Tens of thousands of sincere people swept off
the screen by a few masked men. Mainstream media and suits
tusking about violence and making comments that protesters
don't stand FOR anything only AGAINST.
Sound familiar? Opportunities are rare, we must use them well.
Have a clear message.
Do not let THEM name YOU. I believe the Black Bloc is a German police term.
Do not be easily infiltrated and sabotaged. (like wearing black with black masks.)
And Take advantage of your diversity and world wide wisdom.

We had French Farmers all the way to The Pacific Northwest
whose stories never got told. And Japanese and Koreans and who
knows why?. It was not covered. Don't get distracted.
Who is in Genova and Why?

The Commercial News says Genoa does not stand for anything.. only against.
I say We stand for regional sovereignty, environmental health, cultural resiliency
respect for workers, families, traditions, and life itself. This means stopping
a lot of industrial crushing, poisoning and despoiling. It means taking a long term
view. But what do I know. I am not in Genova. But indymedia is.

There is a news fuzz all over the media about the violence.
We will always have our angry young men.
What are they (we) mad about?
Anonymous Young Male Glory ? .... that is the energy wars are run on.
The reason people are gathered is to communicate something: What is it?
Is anyone In Genova able to put out clearly the messages of those
groups? Seattle wants to know.

Refreshing article id 5354 and summary pages (for group webcast).

Please post here.

End of

Epilog July 27, 2001

Did we get distracted.?
We need to realize that acting like a machine will build a machine.
Whatever the ideals of the individuals may be; the 'black bloc' communicates
as a strategy of intimidation to those it confronts... just as does a line of riot police with shields
clubs and helmets. Only fools, and there is one born every moment, think they can
out faschist a faschist. Intimidation is not the way to freedom.

Experience in working to end the Viet Nam war taught me that the police are not
the enemy. The problem does not lie at that level. Success came from offering them
flowers. As a union guy, and most police are union by the way, I have a sense of the
other side of the line from the 'black bloc'. It sounds something like: "You stand there,
next to that other guy, and don't let anybody through."
They have hot heads among them, just like we do.
Voila. Tragedy.

Beating the police in a battle will only lead us toward a police state all the quicker.
They will get more police next time. This in itself will not help.
Only public opinion on our side will win our goal. That calls for effective
communication. This is the genus of indymedia. Thus I implore you Understand
non-violence. Read Gandhi. Understand that this is not
the first generation to resist. Know that blind passion is invitation to a sucker punch.
The 'black bloc' is far from non-violence. I support the ideals..... but as Gandhi said:
"The ends are means in process."

Think clearly for a minute. The objective is to stop the crush of corporate dominance.
The corporate objective is to weaken the state, which is the only power of a scale large enough
to 'govern' them. Why, then fight the state and thrust it in its protecting function,
to cleave closer to the corporate forces? To topple the Italian government? The 58th
government Italy has has since WWII.

Do you want add to the violensizers? The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in on
television fifteen hours a day... why. To capture the attention of nine year old boys so
they can be branded (by coke, fritos etc) And to innoculate us all to reaction to violence.
Just as Rome innoculated its citizens with circuses.

The key, in my belief, is to humanify our way out of the corporate crush. That is: act like
humans. I loved the indymedia picture of the pink pig in handcuffs. We are more creative
than they are. Certainly more diverse. Let us use both our strength and wisdom and make
a more humane world... baby step by giant step by baby step.

Use indymedia. You can post to it.
and please do not be the free world version of the WWF.

Tell It To Fred Hampton 09.Aug.2001 00:34


Go tell Fred Hampton Jr. that the cops who assasinated his dad are not the enemy. Tell it to AIM, tell to everyone that's ever got there ass kicked at a demo or had a son gunned down by the cops in the street. You do your thing and let the Black Bloc do theirs.' There's enough room in the movement for a wide range of tactics. Don't be a hypocrite: direct your criticisms at the state, not the opposition.