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Critical Mass

come one come all come y'all to ride a byke
I love going to Mass, but this ain't my mama's church, it's the Church of Sustainable Transportation.

It's a day when I can feel welcome on the raod, a little bit, because many of those around me are on bikes too. It's Critical Mass, my preferred service of choice.

So come join us, last friday of the month, under the

Burnside Bridge on the west side, we will meet at 5:30 to hang and say helllo, but we'll ride around 6.

glad to see such a nice written piece about the Mass on the indymedia. We need more of that.

also, the bike party!!!!
that should be fun for real.

come join us!

ride a bike
bike for freedom

hat and cape 25.Jul.2001 20:56


I will come out to "Mass" as well. It is an important part of my month because the revolution will not be motorized, surely activists can see that now.

Getting the word out 25.Jul.2001 21:23


Talking about Critical Mass issues here in the indymedia or in other forms has been really instrumental in us getting as far as we have, I think.

There's a dude who keeps a web site loggig rides. I am sure he's super busy adn it's hard to get to it all, so some months are not listed.

If you want to send YOUR account of the ride to have it in the history books, so to speak, you just send it to
 cmasspdx@subluna.com .

what a cool thing.