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NW regional "Free Trade" meeting to be held in Whistler BC July 26-28

Here's a site on what's happening this weekend in Whistler BC and why you should care
check out new info on schedule of resistance, background and Stop PNWER organizing
What is PNWER

PNWER (Pacific Northwest Economic Region) is a Regional Trade Alliance who's policies and activities reflect WTO, FTAA and NAFTA rulings and regulations. PNWER is in support of reducing barriers to trade in the pacific northwest and to "link the pacific northwest to the new global economy". PNWER is made up of the areas called alaska, the yukon, alberta, bc, washington, oregon, idaho and montana. On July 26-28, PNWER will be having their annual meetings in the posh ski resort town of "Whistler" located on unceded St'at'imc Territory in "bc."

Whatfs Wrong with PNWER?

PNWER claims to be a partnership "to increase the economic well-being and quality of life for all the citizens of the region". Although PNWER claims to be a "partnership" between government and private sector members, the private sector is clearly running the show. PNWER's website blatantly states: "the private sector is expected to identify issues for, and set the direction of the working groups". Essentially the role of PNWER and other regional trade alliances is to better integrate regions into the hemispheric and global economy. Working to promote trade agreements such as NAFTA, FTAA and the WTO, trade alliances get the work done by further exploiting Indigenous peoples, the working class, and poor and extracting more "resources" out of the regions such as forests, minerals, oil, and water. PNWER is yet another body of control that gives the reins of power over to rich white men who have been exploiting and killing the people and environemnent of this region since the first colonizers.

What can you do

Through regional and global solidarity, their system of exploitation, greed and power can be taken down. Come to Whistler and stand with hundreds or possibly thousands of other people from the Northwest and shut down PNWER. Form an affinity group and plan actions against the PNWER. If you can't come to Whistler, plan an action in your town or take action against the industries and policies that PNWER supports. Go on strike, sit in a tree, take direct action, immobolize the Northwest economy, use your imagination and stand together in a spirit of regional resistance.

PNWER and Regional News
Gathering of the Drums on St'at'imc Territory

PNWER meeting schedule

check out the PNWER website

J20 in Genoa, Italy

Anarchist Medieval Bloc to Attack G8

Schedule of Resistance against PNWER

6 Arrested at Melvin Creek

PNWER Background Info

Regional Organizing
organize an action in your city, town
Next organizing meetings in Vancouver: Sunday, July 22nd, 7pm
CEP Hall
475 Howe Street (at Pender)
Buzz # 16
Need help with Food for PNWER
Burrard Bridge:reclaim the bike lane
Medical Training in Vancouver
PNWER Forum at the Harbour Center

Activist Resources
these resources can help your affinity group prepare for Whistler
Direct Action Resource

Why Direct Action


Affinity Group Guide

Shield Making Guide

Anarchist Organizing


Jail Solidarity Guide

Just Cause Legal Collective

Legal Defense Collective



Direct Action Medical

Activist First Aid Links


Video Activist Network

Media Guide

Video Activist Tips


Art and Revolution

The Puppeteers Cooperative

The Wise Fools Puppets

General Direct Action Resources and Information

Activist Cookbook



Resist Corporate Rule

Starhawk's Direct Action Resources

Ruckus Society

Organizing News
Gathering of the Drums on St'at'imc Territory-Call out

STOP PNWER Coalition organizing info

Call to Action

Medical Plea for Support

CRACC (Cascadia Region Anti-Capitalist Collective) formed in Vancouver in opposition to PNWER

July 28th Action Leaflet

July 28th Action Poster

New resist PNWER poster


sign up for the PNWER organizing listserve email  cyber@fanweb.org to add something to this website email
for more information or to help organizing contact
Cascadia Region Anti-Capitalist Collective at  cracc@resistpnwer.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.resistpnwer.org