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Oregon delegates who will be in Whistler BC, PNWER meeting

A list of OR delegates to the PNWER meeting in Whistler BC
Here's some folks from OR who will speaking at the PNWER shing-ding in Whistler BC 7/25-28.
Steve Wright, Director of BPA-- will be speaking on the producer perspective of the "status of energy supply and demand in PNWER states and provinces"
Greg Smith, state representative, Salem--will be on the same panel under public perspective
Steve McBurnett,Metron Corporation,Bend OR--he will be speaking on calibrating satellite images with remote sensors for watershed management
Senator Kate Brown, house minority leader, will be the vice-chair of the WESTRENDS panel.
The panel "Klamath Falls: A Case study for Water Collaboration" will feature M. Steven West, Klamath County Commissioner and Allen Foreman, Chairman Klamath Tribe.

For the PNWER agenda, go to: www.pnwer.org They got's some funny stuff and interesting stuff. I wish I had the $300 so I could go hear "Lemons to Lemonade: The Florida Experience" presented by Mark Pritchett, staff director of Jeb Bush's Select Task Force on Election Procedures. This presentation will be part of the panel, "What Can States do to Increase Public Confidence in Elections?"

CSG-WEST (Council of States Government) a 501(c)3 non-profit open to "legislators,staff and public upon payment of required registration fees" ($600 yearly!)is a co-presentor of PNWER weekend. Go see their policy positions at www.csgwest.org/Resolutions/resolutions.html They urge the EPA and congress to "refrain from classifing carbon dioxide as a pollutant", "exempt the mining industry from the reporting requirements of the Toxics Release Inventory" and other funny stuff.

Vancouver is only a 7-8 hr drive, this should be interesting.