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Unmentioned important facts about protests here

At least one hospitalized here in Portland, others injured.
It is disturbing that this web page did not cover the injuries to protesters here on the streets Monday.

One woman has recieved a broken foot from being trampled by the police and others also recieved cuts, bruises and trampling.

I beg of the IMC to not over look these facts.

As the protest was nearing an end back at Pioneer square, police nabbed two straglers. At least one of them they know personally and have bias to arrest. THey were both walking peacefully.

A shout went out and sixty/ fifty protesters came running back (Most of the less committed protesters long since gone)
these were mostly black clad youth. There were scuffles here with injuries recieved by baton blow. Police bikes were also used as weapons by the police. There was an attempt to stop the van with the arrested from leaving. Mounted police officers arrived and proceded to use the horses as weapons by forcing them to trample protestors. The fighting lasted for several minutes or more. Mounted police repeatidly charging the crowd while people screamed, and scrambled to get away, stepping on people and almost tampling people completly to the ground. I'm over six foot and i barely remained on my feet. A few people recieved injuries at this point and one woman had to be carried away and later brought to a hospital, her foot badly damaged. Broken. Others had injuries, i saw blood on peoples hands and some other people limbing. The police started to break out riot gear at this point and large bottles of pepper spray. There was now a stale mate with large groups of by standers. One older woman yelled that she couldn't get on the Max, and some new commer was taunting the police and asking to be pepper sprayed and beaten, yelling: "Are there no warriors left!?" Either very angry of a provocateur.

The TV coverage was terrible of course, they started with "Violence and Vandalism in the streets of Portland today."
They didn't mention that the violence was by the police and the vandalism was very tactful, a large red Anarchy symbol sprayed on the front of the Italian consulate door. It looked really nice. You should have seen their faces. It was yelled: "Yes Fascists, we won't let you rest here either." The police had brought their bikes into the consulate building and had formed a riot line inside.
IMC is a Do It Urself Site 24.Jul.2001 21:29


I'm glad to see that someone posted a report about what they witnessed concerning police violence or over reactions during the Monday Memorial for the young man killed by the police in Genoa, Italy. This is what indymedia is about: helping you be the media. Indymedia IS here to provide a forum for folks to "not hate the media, but to become the media." Indymedia is NOT here to dictate, or even to always provide, content, though there are many who try to cover important issues and events and assist the community at large in this important endeavor. To be perfectly clear-I'm not speaking for indymedia or for anyone besides myself. Thanks for your post. Many people were outside the action and were unable to witness the arrest. Many more weren't even there, and so saw only what they were shown by the major networks. One of the main things we all can do to improve the world is to take advantage of tools that are available to inform and educate one another. Indymedia is one such tool.

oh please 24.Jul.2001 23:24


you wrote
"A shout went out and sixty/ fifty protesters came running back (Most of the less committed protesters long since gone)
these were mostly black clad youth"

If I am not a "black clad youth" and went off to meet other commitments I am not as committed? I think I am plenty
committed to my outrage at the events in Italy. Are you aware of the disrespect you show me? I watched the 2 men who had seemed to lead the crowd, and passed the petition
leave, they left before me, and I do not believe they are less comitted than you or I.

I also am suspect of any group that isn't diverse in its make-up, but claims to speak for many.

to oh please 25.Jul.2001 16:51

grim reaper

You say that when the two people left, (the organizers) you left. This only indicates to me that you are simply a follower with a lack of autonomous spirit. You left before you could possibly get hurt by the police, and say that you are dedicated. (leaving the rest of us hanging because the 'leaders' left). You just like many liberals/progressives are comfortable with dissent only up to a certain point i.e. when things get a little rough etc. So quit trying to take the 'moral' high ground and talk shit against those of us who are not satisfied with a measly letter begging the Italian consulate to apologize. An apology will not stop the fascist police in Italy, nor will it in Portland.

what? 25.Jul.2001 22:57

that's okay

Excuse me???
Are you implying that those that fight for their beliefs and opinions on certain topics are not credible in their fight unless they stay around waiting for some violence to begin? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Just the truth 26.Jul.2001 16:23

Not a bystander

Thanks for the original update.
It is clear from the first posts here on Portland IMC that those reporting were not present till the end of the demonstration on Monday nor could they have witnessed all of the events. This is true anytime more than a few dozen people gather. I am thankful for their efforts of matchboy and others to provide to the world an immediate account, however incomplete.
But sometimes actions and organizing stretches out over days or years. Here is a small example: I was one of the people who treated the person with the injured foot. But even I did not know that it was broken, since that can rarely be determined by sight alone. (Nor has anyone posted acceptable evidence that it was fractured, which would be a statement from that person or a hospital worker, not just second-hand accounts).
More importantly, the nature of Indymedia allows many people to post reports, as well as commentary on those reports. It is important for those who left earlier in the march -FOR WHATEVER REASON- to know that the police attacked without provocation at the end. I observed that also. And it is important for those who were there till the end not to lose connection with those who were there at the beginning. If there was a clear focus to the march and protest at the end, it was lost to most of us, which is why the crowd had thinned considerably.
This is also perhaps why the police waited until the end to attack, since it is far easier to attack a crowd of 50 that is unprepared than a crowd of 300 that has a purpose and some goal.
I agree, delivering a letter to the Italian consultate is not enough. But that, in fact is why the crowd came together. No one who was there offered up a next step that made sense to the 300 present.
Those of us who think that much more will be required to end globalization - or capitalism or the state - have to offer up that next step. Keep in mind that most people will be willing to confront the police when they have a good reason, not merely because the police must be confronted. Just taunting those who already agree with us more than those who were not in the protest is not going to work.
This debate is occurring world-wide. It is important that all of those at the protest Monday, from Green Party to black bloc, think about how we can continue and deepen our movement, not narrow it.

deepen our movement, not narrow it 27.Jul.2001 09:03


>This debate is occurring world-wide. It is important that all of those at
>the protest Monday, from Green Party to black bloc, think about how we
>can continue and deepen our movement, not narrow it.

The debate has been occurring world-wide, it's an interesting debate, and far from a new one. Both sides have strong arguements. My grievances come from being ignored as a result of the actions of a few. It just seems pointless to show up if you're going to be peaceful because you know you're going to be ignored and have your views slanted.

I know other people who, like myself, chose not to attend Monday's action because of the black bloc vibe in the air. In the words of one downtown businessman:

"If they weren't wearing facemasks and spraypainting graffitti I'd listen to what they have to say."