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Seattle Reclaim The Streets Aug 25th

An Invitation To Those In Portland.
Greetings All!

Seattle Reclaim The Streets here. We wanted to let you all know a RTS party/protest is planned for Seattle Saturday August 25th at 5PM. The initial gathering point will be decided and publicized this Wen (most likely a point in Capital Hill or Downtown). We have been planning for about 2 months and everything is going good. Free food/water/ music/juggling/love/ and other assorted fun. This is a participatory party. Let your imagination run wild and free. Jump rope, drum, skateboard, blow bubbles or kisses, draw with chalk. Talk your life back from the Corporate Death machine. Join us if you can. Long live solidarity.

RTS (although we are a group of mostly anarchists we hope all communities will join us in this celebration of life)

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