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PHOTOS: G8 in Portland

More photos from G8 solidarity event in Portland on 23 July

People in the Square

People in the Square

People in the Square

People in the Square

People in the Square

Tribute to Carlo Giuliani

Indymedia print project on Genoa, blown up to large size to educate people on the issues

Activist addresses crowd, gives update on events in Genoa

Marching out of the Square...

...and into the street...

Marchers took over the road completely, and the police blocked off the side streets to let them go by.

The march took up the whole street and arrived at the World Trade Center in about ten minutes. The crowd surged up the escalator to the skyway level.

Anarchy symbol on escalator up to skyway at World Trade Center

Bike cops in World Trade Center skyway

Perspective provided by black bloc

One of the organizers tried to gain entry but was stopped by the head of security.

The head of security would not budge and refused to let anyone in -- even though an appointment had been made. Eventually, he offered to take the letter to deliver himself.

The letter was signed by about 125 different people altogether.

The head of security took the letter. Many activists were upset at being stopped there.

Anarchy symbol painted on door of World Trade Center

Anarchy symbol painted on door of World Trade Center

Eventually, the presence at the World Trade Center broke up, and a black bloc took the street in front of the police station.

The police kept their distance at first.

They followed after the bloc took to the streets again

Apparently, there was something of a stand-off



Then of course there were the arrests. Only two, though. The Portland police force has been more subdued in these situations since the FTAA demos in April. It is not clear why the arrests occured.

thank you Portland Indymedia 23.Jul.2001 23:20


glad you're around

portland demo mon.28 july 24.Jul.2001 02:14

Dingo Dizmal peptodizmal@aol.com

Hi did anyone get a still or video of Mike D before he got popped he was walking with the light and was attacked!I only have video of him getting carried away.
Dingo Dizmal

Spraypaint 24.Jul.2001 16:10


I observed part of the to the trade center, but was sad to see the people spraypaint the window on the evening news.
This detracted from the march and made protesters look like childish idiots.
I've been a critic of much of the behavior of Portland Police, and I support criticism of globalism, but these kind of stunts detract from the message, just when mainsteam is starting to wake up a little.

Maybe, Maybe not 24.Jul.2001 16:57


I'm not so sure how much spraypainting property turns people off. How many people, actually, does it turn off? It is hard to say. For many people--all around the world-- who are harrassed by police or repressive governments, such a statement is very small. I would politely suggest that criticizing spraypainting by saying that it turns people off might be classist.



I do not know whether this was done on purpose or not, but it is VERY DANGEROUS!! THe photos are not in the right order. THIS IS IMPORTANT< PLEASE CHANGE!

All of the arrests took place out side of the march, at least a half block behind, they were stragglers who the police picked out by their dred length I assume.

There was almost noone else present at first. Then people of course came running back and were upset, knowing the police just wanted to flex their muscles by nabbing two harmless individuals who were not doing anything illegal. Scuffles and anger broke out then. At least one person was hospitalized with a broke foot, others were bloodied by batons and maybe bikes and trampeld by horses. There was a failed attempt to stop the van with the arrested in it.

These ILLEGAL and more importantly UNJUST actions by the police apparently proved their point; that they can do what ever they want and get away with it. But it also attracted much more attention to the protests (Blood thirsty media and spectators) so maybe we should thank them? Probably not, the media ,AND these pictures in a way, furthered the mis-conception that anarchists are violence prone. Where as in reality it takes a cold empty heart to harm people needlessly for a pay check, and a strong heart to put your health, and now your life it seems, on the line for true democracy, liberation, human rights and freedom.

Spray paint 24.Jul.2001 19:40

oh NO!

THe Italian police/ Government are killing people that are protesting to protect OUR rights and OUR world from explotation by a few hundred selfish white men.

We should have burned the Italian consulate to the ground.
I think a little spray paint shouldn't trip up the cooshy life style in the SUV, suburbia, yuppy capital of america.

SUBDUED? 24.Jul.2001 19:44

Frank Hubbard

I hardly call breaking someone's foot subdued!
A Woman was hospitalized and others people were injured too.
The attacks on protestors was uncalled for!

The spray paint job looks great! Delivering a letter alone would have been much too friendly to a murdering government.

Why Mike was arrested 25.Jul.2001 17:12

the Grim Reaper

I was there at the demo, but didn't see Mike till they already had him on the ground when we all rushed back towards him. Many people kept saying that he was arrested for nothing and they couldn't understand why. Mike was arrested for a very good reason and that is that he is alternative media. Yes he did stay on the sidewalk throughout the demo and was quiet, and that is the point. He is an enemy of corporate rule, and now (whether he likes it or not) is an enemy of the state. Unless I'm wrong, he was grabbed by cops from an unmarked car which indicates that it wasn't your average cops that were responsible for ordering his arrest. It was a strategic arrest or even a 'snatch' of sorts. They were probably watching him the whole time to find any excuse to arrest him for having the gall to film police misconduct. Mike's behavior (staying on the sidewalk etc.) was indicative that he probably knew this as well and didn't want to give them a reason to mess with him. Long live the independent media!