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Most complete sequence of C. Giuliani shooting photos - multiple format repost

Originally a powerpoint file, converted to *.pdf by a German Indymedia user. Sequence of photos (with apologies & thanks to sherwood.it photographer and Reuters photographter Dylan Martinez) supports the contention that the shooting of Carlo Giuliani does not meet the legal criteria to qualify as justifiable homicide. Best to download the file and view it later if you are using Acrobat reader. Please circulate these file (article 1)
Most complete sequence of C. Giuliani shooting photos - multiple format repost
Most complete sequence of C. Giuliani shooting photos - multiple format repost

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He IS poised to throw 19.Feb.2002 12:16


The poor guy IS poised to throw. Fire extinguishers are heavy, and about 2 feet long - the best way to put one on target is to throw it FROM right in front of one's face, pushing equally with both hands.

Even if he wasn't planning on throwing, it would be impossible to tell this from the trapped jeep. It's obvious from the photos he's leaning far forward at this point, and looks to be on the move toward the jeep.

Whether it went down one way or the other, these photos prove nothing.

What if? 19.Nov.2002 13:51

K.P. kostaskipseli@hotmail.com

This article does not say anything about the state that the carabiniero was in. Tell me, wouldnt you be in a state of shock if ten people were trying to kill you? It is more than obvious from the same pictures used in the article, that the protesters were obviously not trying to say hello to them but severely wound them or kill them. Seeing horror before his own eyes, it is possible that the carabiniero assumed that Julliani was going to throw at him the extinguisher. As in most of the cases the officer reacted using his survival instict, defending himself with everything that was available to him at that given time. And one other thing. Why police officers and representatives of the state have to be by definition, the bad guys? Why shouldnt we assume that Julliani was just a murderer-to-be at that given time? Because he is dead? One of them could end up dead anyway. But how could give a damn about the officer? Didnt the carabiniero at that time had the right to assume that his life was threatened? Or is it that by definition guys like Julliani have suffured so much by the mean and cruel society and now its time to take revenge? Noone have the right to go around smashing down people properties, stores cars etc in the name of some ideology of anarchism, which, in the end of the day, has collapsed everywhere it was applied to.

Yours cincerely,

Carlo Giuliani: Casualty 27.Feb.2003 14:13

Michael Cerbone mcerbone@payton-construction.com

A wise man once told me, "Never throw rocks at a man holding a machine gun." Carlo Giuliani is case in point. The officers were clearly defending themselves, albeit with deadly force, but the second you decide to join in a violent protest, to antagonize armed men, to throw a heavy metal missle at a man weilding a pistol pointed at you, don't be suprised when you end up shot. I am confident, just by looking at the photos, that the jeep's driver was unaware that he was backing over poor Carlo Giuliani. The police had no other exit from the mayhem and did what seemed logical - stop the threat through escape.
It is terrible that a young man was murdered, but I could not fault the shooter for protecting his own life. Had he not shot, what then?
Carlo Giuliani is not a hero, nor a martyr. He's a casualty. He gambled with his own life and lost. If Carlo wanted to make a difference, he should have made his point legally and non-violently. Unfortunately, it's too late now.

unnecessary killing 18.Jul.2006 12:25

a man

You cannot argue that it was necessary for the policeman to kill because he feared for his life. What sort of damage can someone outside of a Landrover do to the policeman inside with a fire extinguisher? Not much, he would have been lucky to have been able to have even been able to throw it that distance. The policeman could not have been in fear of his life.