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Saturday July 14 Draft Card Burning Event at Waterfront Park -- Police Result

Saturday July 14 Draft Card Burning Event at Waterfront Park -- Police Result
PORTLAND, OR -- A meeting today between event organizers of "Fuck The Draft" -- a music, art, and consumer-culture "draft card" burning (ie junk mail, celebrity magazines, credit card offers, etc.) -- met with Portland city police and parks department, as well as several other agencies (and a city lawyer present), to resolve the dispute over a fire permit to burn the "draft cards".

The result was if not an official agreement than an implied one. Certainly both parties agreed that they absolutely want to keep the event a safe one. Both parties also agreed that the burning is protected under freedom of speech laws. If the fire is done in an absolutely safe and controlled way -- even without a permit -- we do not anticipate there being police intervention.

For more details on the event, see www.earthjam.com.

The fire department was unfortunately unable to attend the meeting, therefore the situtation may still change.

For now, though, the outlook for excercising our 1st ammendment rights are sunny.

homepage: homepage: http://www.earthjam.com
phone: phone: 503.274.9614
address: address: Ankeny Stage Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Whadja want a permit for? 09.Jul.2001 03:03

just a citizen

Dear "Draft" card burners,
What do you want a permit for? There are two reasons not to get one.
First is, the police lie. At a number of events over the years in Portland, the most recent being the October 22nd march against police brutality, organizers negotiated with the police beforehand over such items as the route of the march, numbers of police present and their behavior towards the crowd.
On every significant point of discussion, the police broke their word. That particular march, which was as peaceful as the organizers promised, was videotaped from start to finish. So much for the rights of assembly to petition the government. Horse cops and motorcycle cops harassed those in attendance as a continual reminder that in Portland community policing means the police run the community.
Second reason is that the First Amendment guarantees your right to protest. Use it. If you create a fire hazard, well that's silly anyway, right? If you burn items in such a way that you don't contribute to Portland's pollution problem and don't endanger folks (Hint: that means fire extinguishers and 1st Aid supplies handy), then no jury or judge is going to convict you.
Hope you have a great event. Stop the consumer economy.