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Court victory

John Paul Cupp was found not guilty of charges stemming from a December 9 rally to free Mumia Abu-Jamal. John Paul was fortunate to have photographs showing that his arrest took place on the sidewalk, not in the street, as originally stated by the police. Only this evidence prevented the police from lying in order to convict.
dear friends and family

i was found NOT GUILTY this morning of charges
stemming from a demonstration on December 9, for
former Black Panther Political Prisoner, Mumia
Abu-Jamal. After months of struggle this comes as a
relief. This by no means is an end to anything, not
only Mumia Abu-Jamal, but countless others sit in
prison at home and abroad for Defending the People's
Right to Revolutionary Struggle. More and More people
begin to see that Mumia Abu-Jamal is really on death
row for the Crime of upholding the right of
Self-Determination for all poor
people, particularly his own Black Nation. We must
defend our fallen warriors who refuse to betray
revolution in exchange for a false freedom. We must
reach out of our comfort zones and prepare our minds
for revolutionary sacrifice. Visits, letters, and cash
donations go a long way in the life of a political
prisoner. The Anarchist Black Cross has the names of
some, but not all political prisoners in the United
States. This includes members of the BLA/Panthers,
Puerto Rican Freedom Fighters, Progressive Labor Party,
M.O.V.E. Organization, and many others. I thank all
for their support of me, and ask now that the love and
respect I was lucky to recieve be extended to the men
and women who really sacrifice for our freedom
Revolutionary Greetings,
John Paul Cupp