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Join co-sponsors Portland Indymedia, KBOO, the Alliance, Street Roots, Alternatives Magazine, the Free Learning Operation and others for the Alternative Media Convergence. If you want to get involved in alternative media, this event will give you the chance to meet media activists and organizations, and learn how to get on the radio, into print, on the web, and on TV. If you're already a media activist, you can mix, mingle and plan future collaborations with others. Tentative plans include a showing of the Cascadia Media Collective's "A Year in the Streets". This event is part of the Progressive Action Conference being held before the Nader rally that same night. For questions, or to get involved with setting up and running this event, call 503.793.2180 or send an email to oregonaltmedia@lists.riseup.net.

4 August 2001
2:00-5:00ish p.m.
Memorial Coliseum

Don't hate the media -- become the media!
Join the alternative media rEvolution at the Alternative Media Convergence!

(31 July 2001)--In yet another attempt by corporate media to squash independent media, the Oregonian today refused to allow independent media activists to chalk on the sidewalk in front of the Oregonian building. The activists were promoting the upcoming Alternative Media Convergence. As fast as the activists could chalk, an Oregonian staff member dumped buckets of water and mopped. Chalking on public sidewalks is not illegal in Portland. [ Full Story ]