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Demonstrations against the PNWER at Whistler, British Columbia, July 26-28.

Resist PNWER Update: Thu 9:30am: The protests have not been cancelled. Several posts have been made to the IMC newswire claiming that the protests have been called off. This is false; the buses are still running and will leave downtown Vancouver, British Columbia from Burrard Sky Train Station & Library Square at 9:00am on Saturday. See this post. PNWER (Pacific Northwest Economic Region) is a Regional Trade Alliance who's policies and activities reflect WTO, FTAA and NAFTA rulings and regulations. On July 26-28, PNWER will be having their annual meetings in the posh ski resort town of "Whistler" located on unceded St'at'imc Territory in "bc." For more information on the events, visit Resist PNWER. Specifically, see the Schedule of Resistance. There will be a demonstration on Saturday, July 28th, beginning at noon in parking lot #3, Whistler, BC.
Resist PNWER
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