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Portland stands in solidarity with Genoa

23 July 2001--300 people converged in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Oregon today to protest against the G8 Summit, and to voice their opposition to the brutal and violent behavior of Italian law enforcement during the last few days, especially the death of Carlo Giuliani, a 23 year old activist, at police hands.

Delivering a letter to the Italian Consulate
Organizers gathered over 100 signatures on a letter to the Italian Consul in Portland, and--after marching to the World Trade Center--attempted to deliver it to the Consulate. However, security at the building would not let anyone in, even though the organizers had secured an appointment. An authority figure there promised to deliver it to the Consulate office. Organizers will follow up later this week to make sure that it was delivered.

Scuffle between protester and AP photographer
A protester claims to have been hit by someone from AP at the World Trade Center [ Full story | Another account ]. Individuals from AP have a different story, which can be read in the Comments added to this article: [ Self-Organizing Protest Against Slaying of Protester in Italy ].

Taking the streets
Afterwards, a contigent of about 40 black bloc took over the street in front of the Police Station, and marched through downtown. Two males were arrested in Pioneer Square for unknown reasons, and activists held a rally outside the courthouse to demand their release.

The Pacific Green Party and the Liberation Collective were two of the main organizers of the event, which showed how there can be fruitful cooperation between Greens and anarchists.

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