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Italian police killing protesters in Genoa

Italian police have killed two protesters during the anti-G8 demonstrations in Genoa, Italy. The first was Carlo Guliani, 23, a Genoan man who was shot in the head with a revolver and run over twice by a jeep. An autopsy has confirmed that Guliani died of a gunshot wound [ Story ]. New reports tell of other deaths and injuries in what has quickly become a violent and repressive police state [ Other deaths ].

Local Action
In Portland, an activist locked himself onto the roof of a city building on Friday night and hung banners expressing solidarity with the masses in Genoa [ Full story, with photos ].

Call to Action
Local activists are calling for a solidarity action here in Portland to protest the death of Carlo Guliani and to show support for the demonstrators in Genoa.

March to the Italian Consulate at 121 SW Salmon
Monday, 23 July
Meet at Pioneer Courthouse Square at Noon

Organizers are inviting people to "bring signs, loud voices and passion" so that Italy, Portland, and the rest of the world will know that "when you take one of us on, you take all of us on." The organizers have an appointment with the Italian Consulate to deliver a letter outlining these ideas, which participants at the rally and march will be invited to sign. They are also encouraging people to call the Italian Consulate and express their outrage over the events in Genoa: 503.287.2578. You may download a PDF version of the flyer for Monday's event here

protester mourning
protester mourning
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