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Russian Programmer Held by FBI

A Russian computer programmer was arrested by the FBI on Monday after giving a presentation at an annual computer security conference in Las Vegas. He is being taken to the district of northern California for arraignment. Mr. Sklyarov's lecture at the DefCon-9 conference was entitled "E-Book Security: Theory and Practice". He was arrested at the behest of Adobe Systems, a San Jose-based software company responsible for PhotoShop, Illustrator and Premiere (all popular graphics packages for Microsoft Windows and MacOS).

There is a protest outside Adobe Systems' headquarters in San Jose, California on Monday, 23 July, 2001 at eleven o'clock in the morning. There are several solidarity protests at both Adobe offices and federal buildings throughout the country, including Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, and Moscow. Local activists might arrange one here in Portland, too. See full story for details.

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