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A6-S14: A Call to Action

a call for direct action against the US war in Iraq
A6-S14: A Call to Action Against the US-`Iraq War
For too long we, the United States, has waged a war against an impoverished peoples. They are Shi'a, Sunni, Christian, Jewish, Yezidi, Arab, Kurdish, Turkoman and Persian. They are the peoples of `Iraq. This is a call for non-violent direct action to civilly disrupt the workings of the US/UK war machine which is engaged in an illegal air war in `Iraq and, more deadly, the enforcement of a sanctions regime manipulated by the US.
--Over 1 million have died from the US led economic embargo.
--Over 500 have been killed since 1998 from illegal US air bombardments in `Iraq
This is a call for unified actions of all peoples, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Wicca, Buddhist, Agnostic, Athiest and Others. It is a call for anti-authoritarian and anti-racist activists, for peace activists for civil libertarians. It is a call to take action against an unjust and illegal war. It is a call for autonomous affinity groups (AGs) to take action in your local communities to directly change the ability of the US to fight this War. It is a call for creative as well as traditional methods of resistance to injustice. The action guidelines are broad, however, we ask that no living being be hurt in your actions. We also respect the tactics of such groups as Ploughshares and other groups, that perform non-violent property destruction. We call on AG's to stage creative resistance during the month of August to mark the anniversary of the imposition of sanctions on the peoples of `Iraq.
This Call is being made autonomously but in solidarity with the Voices in the Wilderness ( http://www.nonviolence.org/vitw) "Branking Rank: A Fast to End the Siege of `Iraq" August 6th to September 14th. We encourage autonomous affinity groups to stage actions in solidarity with this fast. We encourage Anti-Authoritarians to step up and battle back against this state oppression.

Call By: An Autonomous AG, San Francisco:  http://www.mashriq.org/a6.html

fast info:  http://nonviolence.org/vitw/pages/136.htm
nat'l network:  http://endthewar.org
fact sheets:  http://saveageneration.org/talkingpoints/index.html

homepage: homepage: http://www.mashriq.org/a6.html