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Nader supporters shut out of Pioneer Square

Volunteers promoting Nader's August 4th visit were told not to flyer in Pioneer Square.
29 June 2001--Volunteers promoting Nader's August 4th visit were told not to flyer in Pioneer Square today.

About two dozen volunteers in matching tee-shirts and bearing buttons and flyers had embarked from the Nader event office in the Governor Building at about 11:45.

From there, they flyered passers-by on the streets and bus malls leading up to the Sqaure.

Only a few minutes after arriving at the square and starting to flyer the lunchtime crowd, two volunteers were informed by uniformed security that a permit was required to flyer there. Disappointed volunteers kept to the sidewalk thereafter. A Greenpeace volunteer in the Square that day confirmed this Constitutionally-questionable rule, and explained that they, too, stick to the sidewalks to avoid such hassling.

Lawyer Greg Kafoury, who had a major role in Nader's rally here in August 2000, and in the super rally tour across the country thereafter, was also in the Square, flyering and speaking to media. Kafoury is pictured below with his son, Jason, (left) who has come to Portland from DC to help set up the rally for Nader.

Ralph Nader will be appearing at the Rose Garden Arena on August 4 as part or a day-long Progressive Action Conference sponsored by Nader, and organized in part by the Pacific Green Party. A rally from 6:30-9:00 that day will feature Nader, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, actor Danny Glover, and other nationally known personalities.

The afternoon will feature a host of teach-ins and workshops where people can find out about political issues and how to get involved.

Barb Payne, Co-chair of the Multnomah County chapter of the Pacific Green Party, described the day thus: "For Nader, this will be the start of tour in which he can push the progressive agenda and build Green parties around the country. Portland is the logical choice to start this tour as it is the most progressive city in the country. Locally, this event is a great organizing opportunity, and the Pacific Green Party hopes to attract all spectrums of activists and citizens. This isn't just about one political party; this is about the progressive agenda as a whole."

Rumor has it that among the afternoon activities will be an "alternative media convergence", where media activists in the area will have the opportunity to meet up, share skills, and recruit new members. More on all this, here at Portland Indymedia, as details emerge.

They Let Me Flyer 03.Jul.2001 14:37


A few months back I rented a bunny rabbit costume and flyered in Pioneer Square (for anti-FTAA) without problem. In fact, I even gave some flyers to the Pioneer Square AND Downtown Clean and Safe security (I have this on tape even).

However, they probably thought it was a commercial venture, as I was promoting "Uncle Hoppity's World of Fun Page", a fake kid's fun page.

In their defense, they kick out the Bible-thumpers who hand out flyers too, so let's not get up in arms about only us being singled out or something.

But it still sucks.

No voting=simple protest 11.Jul.2001 21:19


even though i don't like to see people denied there rights, or persecuted for doing something that somebody else has gotten away with,
this is nothing to get upset about nader is a pig and his followers are dellusional. My advise, don't vote. By voting you are only sending a message of complaince and acceptence with the system.

Voting... 12.Jul.2001 10:46

Jeff lincoln@graffiti.net

And not voting sends a message of apathy and resignation. The thing is if everyone voted we would be much closer to a true democracy. Of course people need to know the truth about what is is they are voting on. And that is slowly happening.

and Nader...

is human,
So is Bush,
I would vote for nader over bush any day of the week.

Personally I think we should move to a runoff style ellection. Then folks would feel better about voting with thier heart.


in harmony

democracy? 13.Jul.2001 16:50


if i had no choice i too would vote for nader, but the truth is that he isn't any better. ya sure he might not be doing the same things as bush, but he'd have his own quirks and problems. But in some ways Bush, Gore, and Clinton are better than Nader, because they never tried to hide there entire life from the public like nader does atleast when it comes to them we know what kinda crook we're getting. But the point remains when you vote in garbage your sending the message that your ok with having that kind of filth rule over you.

and chances are the entire populace will never vote, and after 200 years of american politics we are still to experience this "democracy" word that you speak of.