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Leedham and Gilmartin Win Ballot Status

Leedham exceeds target votes for nomination at Teamsters convention - Video stream of recent speech
Leedham and Gilmartin Win Ballot Status
Leedham and Gilmartin Win Ballot Status
Leedham and Gilmartin Win Ballot Status in Delegate Voting at Teamster Convention

LAS VEGAS, June 28—The campaign for Rank & File Power in the Teamsters Union moved into high gear Thursday night as delegates to the 26th Teamsters convention voted to put Tom Leedham and Tom Gilmartin on the ballot for the fall election.

The Independent Election Administrator announced that Leedham received 134 votes for Teamster General President and Gilmartin got 126 votes for Teamster Secretary-Treasurer. The voting was conducted by secret ballot from 5 to 8 p.m. after the convention proceedings concluded for the day on Thursday.

The two candidates' vote totals were well over the 88 delegate votes, which is 5 percent, needed to win ballot status.

Leedham and Gilmartin will address the convention on Friday morning as they formally launch their campaign on the Rank & File Power Slate against the slate of James Hoffa, Jr. Ballots will be mailed out to all Teamster members in October.

"The future of our union is officially in the hands of the members, now," Leedham said in a statement on Thursday night. "They will have a choice. Working Teamsters will set the course of our union when they receive their ballots this fall. I look forward to debating President Hoffa in the debate being organized by the Election Administrator."

Earlier in the week convention, delegates voted to put 16 vice presidential candidates and three trustees, all from the Leedham slate, on the fall ballot.

Leedham is a former International Vice President of the Teamsters Union and former Teamster Warehouse Director. He is the Secretary-Treasurer and principal officer of Teamsters Local 206 in Portland, Ore.

Gilmartin is also a former Teamster International Vice President and former Teamster director of the Industrial Trades Division. He is the principal officer of Teamsters Local 559 in Hartford, Conn.

The two candidates were nominated in speeches at the convention session on Thursday morning

Video stream:
(Leedham speaking in Chicago on eve of convention.)

Photo credit: New York Times
[CAPTION] Teamsters rally in Las Vegas to protest corruption.

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