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The Shortwave Report 6/29/01 ¡LISTEN GLOBALLY!

A 30 minute weekly review of news and opinions recorded from a shortwave radio. Free to rebroadcast. This week- Netherlands, Cuba, Germany, Russia, and Spain. 13.7MB
The latest Shortwave Report (June 29th) is up at the website. (13.7 MB/ 29:58) It's ready to download and free to rebroadcast. I'd appreciate a notification if you air it, would like you to mention the website if you only air sections of the program. I invite your questions and comments about anything concerning the show. This weeks show features Radio Netherlands, Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Deutsche Welle, the Voice of Russia, Spanish National Radio. From Radio Netherlands- Russia opposes US/British sanctions against Iraq; big demonstrations in Belgrade protesting the UN Yugoslavian tribunal; synthetic drugs like Ecstasy continue increasing production; Peru's ex-spy chief is in Peru facing trial, making lots of Peruvian officials nervous that he has videos of them accepting bribes. From Radio Havana Cuba- many are suggesting that Montecinos will implicate the CIA and the DEA; at the UN conference on AIDS Cuba offers 4000 doctors and medical workers to aid other countries, and says $7-10 billion should be raised by reducing the military budgets of the G-7 countries. From Radio Deutsche Welle- the World Court in the Hague finds the US violated the international rights of 2 German citizens executed in Arizona 2 years ago, and the UN resents the US ignoring its order to delay the executions. From the Voice of Russia- the first international conference against the death penalty was held in Struassberg; the European Parliament is investigating the US/British spy network Echelon. From Spanish National Radio- an Andean Summit was held in Venezvula, with plans to create a common Andean passport and to unify the nations to curb poverty and drugs. The FTAA is driving this separate unification. All this plus times and frequencies for listening globally at home. I hope you'll let your audience try it if you aren't already airing it. Next show will be up by Friday July 6 at 9amPDST. link to this edition- http://www.outfarpress.com/outfarpress/swr_6_29_01.mp3 ?FurthuR! Dan Roberts

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