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Events posted for Sat. July 14th Celebration/Bon Fire/Protest/Carnival!

Events posted for Sat. July 14th Celebration/Bon Fire/Protest/Carnival at the Ankeny Stage in the Tom McCall Waterfront Park.
Events posted for Sat. July 14th Celebration/Bon Fire/Protest/Carnival!
Events posted for Sat. July 14th Celebration/Bon Fire/Protest/Carnival!
Portland, OR -- A listing of events to take place on Saturday, July 14th for an all-day music, art, and insanity festival has been posted this morning to http://www.earthjam.com/.

Among the activities are music by the group "6 Flat", an all-day bon-fire and "consumer culture draft card burning", a GW Bush Excorcism, fire-breathing, "This is What Democracy Looks Like" screening, belly-dancing, and much more:

Event Time Description
6 FlatTBAa Portland band whose style is best is described as "cheesy porno music"
Squirtgun FightTBASquirtguns will be brought and distributed for a giant squirtgun battle (watch out for electronics!)
"This is What Democracy Looks Like" ScreeningTBAWatch this movie (and others) on a big-screen TV
Insane ManunconfirmedShow includes drinking soda through his nose through a condom and stapling money to his forehead
Flower and Plant "Sale"TBAAt the end of the day, all plants will be given away (donations accepted though, -wink-)
Synchronized SwimmingTBASwimming pool filled with water -- bring a suit and towel!
Chess CompetitionTBAPrize awarded to the chess-master
Stuffed Animal and Doll ContestTBAPrize will be awarded to person that brings the most stuffed animals and dolls
TV and Computer SmashingTBABring old TV's and computers and smash them in chorus (the big-screen TV will NOT be smashed)
Poetry/Spoken Word ContestTBAPrize will be awarded to "audience favorite"
Fire-Eathing and Breathing ShowTBAunconfirmed
Marshmellow and Weenie RoastingAll DayProvided free (sorry, vegan/veggie versions not available) to roast in the fire
GW Bush Excorcism RitualTBAA ceremony will be performed whereby we will attempt to excorcise the evil spirits (shrub) that have taken over our country
Clown ShowTBAunconfirmed
Painting ContestTBAPainting supplies available all day -- prize for "audience favorite" at end of day
Milk and CookiesTBAWe'll have milk and cookies followed by a nap (sorry, vegan version not available)
Watermelon Seed Spitting ContestTBAWe'll have a watermelon and a prize to the furthest spitter
Pig Drawing ContestTBAPrize awarded to audience favorite "pig"
Political Theatre TroupeTBAunconfimed
Popcorn PoppingAll DayFree fresh hot popcorn (ideally while watching movie) while supplies last
Unfashion ShowTBAunconfirmed
Flag BurningTBAYe age old anarchist tradition
Middle-Eastern Belly Dancing and MusicTBAunconfirmed
Consumer Culture "Draft Card" BurningAll DayJunk mail, credit card offers, celebrity magazines -- all excellent kindling
Drum CircleAll DayBring a drum
Open JamAll DayBring a band or instrument
6-Foot UPC BarcodeAll Dayand other visual debauchery

Please see earthjam.com for more information. If you would like to perform, set up a literature table, or help out, please contact Josh at 503.274.9614.

Times, confirmations, and names of more bands will be posted as they become available.

homepage: homepage: http://www.earthjam.com/
phone: phone: 503.274.9614
address: address: Ankeny Stage @ Tom McCall Waterfront Park