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gender & sexuality

Complex Array Manifesto

The Answer is Conceptual:

The Answer is Conceptual:
The contemporary Conception of our particular society yields a Program in which thought is Uni-linearly constructed; an identifiable consequence creates the Illusion of polarities (or "sides" of the Left & Right, window-smashing or not, etc.) and Isolation of Ideas.

(Behold a significant conceptual Variance around "the" and "a"; "the" implies 1 & only [left or right], "a" implies an integrated organic diversity.)

Universally, when the security of vital functions are classified by evaluations of fear, a poverty of consumption (linear "in/out") and a struggle of co-optation perpetuates.

Appropriate language for a contemporary Evolution -> Resolution embodies "Integration"; when a culture of conceptual biographics expands for complex values & constructs, commodification of class, gender, generation, nationality, philosophy, race, sexuality etc. disintegrates.

Amplify this spatially:
A People Organic Can Never Disintegrate
The People "Uni"-ted Will Never Function