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this is a mass call-out for people to protest and shut down pnwer's 2001 meeting.
If you can't make it to Genoa, Italy to protest the G-8 meetings on July 20th, then come to "Whistler, kanada" to resist PNWER!!!

From global to regional, from Seattle to Quebec to Genoa, people are rising up and resisting the capitalist control of our world and our future. Join the resistance in Whistler.

Confront the corporate control of the 'pacific northwest'! The Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (a.k.a. PNWER) meets in 'whistler, british columbia, kanada' July 25-28 2001. 'Whistler' is unceeded Lil'wat Nation territory, and is the site of PNWER's 2001 meeting, in which issues such as NAFTA, the FTAA, free trade and pro-'growth' will be discussed.

check out  http://www.resistpnwer.org for more info or  cracc@resistpnwer.org

PNWER is one of 33 Regional Trade Alliances (RTA's) reporting directly to the WTO. It is composed of 'private' and 'public' representatives who benefit directly from PNWER's exploitative profit- maximising policies. With 'pro-growth' goals of reducing "barriers to trade", RTAšs are attempting to join regions between Canada, Mexico and the United States.

The RTAšs actively promote free trade. Their goal is to enhance the economic prosperity of the pacific northwest through bringing together "the region's elites" (ie. the wealthy and the politically powerful). These RTA's will potentially have the power to make special bilateral zones where regulations are virtually obliterated between the two participating nations.

PNWER consists of state and corporate representatives from Alaska, the Yukon territory, British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana. This group of elite representatives of the Œprivateš and Œpublicš sectors aim to "link the pacific northwest to the new global economy". However, its 'private sector' representatives are clearly running the show: PNWER's website blatantly states: "the private sector is expected to identify issues for and set the direction of the working groups".

PNWER wants to eliminate local trade barriers and maximize profits with NAFTA-like results; it is attempting to create an economic region in the pacific northwest that is a "model of rapid clean growth". Topic's on the agenda include privatized healthcare, natural resources, education, NAFTA and the FTAA. Not discussed at the meeting are the sovereign rights of indigenous people, the rights of the poor and the working class or protecting land and water ecosystems. The program for the meeting includes Bill Gates, one of the world's richest men, who will be speaking on "NAFTA and the New Economy", as well as newly-elected right wing fascist Gordon Campbell, premier of british columbia.

RESIST CORPORATE RULE! Refuse to stand by as politicians and other power-hungry 'officials' of government and large corporations attempt to determine the fate of our communities and forests. Concede no power to the already- privileged; participate in a mass protest and shutdown of PNWER's July 2001 meeting. Assert your right and power to determine the fate of your community by going over and above the powers of government. Resist PNWER at Whistler. Or organize actions in your local community to show that the Cascadia is a region of resistance. Fan the flames of Northwest resistance. Let's shut those suckers down.

ACTIONS will be happening every day from the 26th to the 28th of July.

The 26th will be the OPENING DAY of protests, with the goal of SHUTTING IT DOWN, and the 28th will be a day of mass protest, parades, unions, families and fun!!!
Of course, the protest is WHATEVER YOU WANT TO MAKE IT, and EVERY DAY is and should be a day of RESISTANCE against corporate rule.

On July 21/22 there will be a conference in Vancouver about the capitalist colonial control of Cascadia and will feature speakers on Native sovereignty and decolonization, Anarchy, Direct Action, Regional resistance and solidarity and more.

A convergence and trainings happening in either Whistler or Vancouver.

Check out www.resistpnwer.org for more information as it becomes available.
or contact  cracc@resistpnwer.org

CRACC-Cascadia Region Anti-Capitalist Collective is organizing in Vancouver, if you want to be involved in organizing contact CRACC

help is needed in the following areas:
logistical support
making propaganda

contact CRACC for more info  cracc@resistpnwer.org
or contact 250.799.5800

homepage: homepage: http://www.resistpnwer.org