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Walk for Farmworker Justice, PHOTO update, Sunday 24 June (lower bandwidth)

Photo highlights from the march in Salem. [lower bandwidth]

The march begins, led by Ramon Ramirez, President of PCUN, and Mike Swaim, Mayor of Salem, among others

Five different county chapters of the Pacific Green Party stood in solidarity with PCUN. No self-identifying Democrats were spotted.

Justice for Janitors.

The rally on the Capitol steps began with a prayer.

Governor Kitzhaber spoke at the rally.

Accuracy in reporting 24.Jun.2001 23:24


While your coverage of this rally is appreciated, you might want to edit your presentation more carefully. In a caption under one picture, you claim that "no self-identifying Democrats were spotted." However, after scrolling down, I noticed that a picture of Governor John Kitzhaber is prominently displayed. Everyone in Oregon knows, hopefully, that Gov. Kitzhaber is a Democrat. Therefore, your statement that no self-identifying Democrats were spotted is inaccurate. Just looking for accuracy in reporting.

Oops !! 25.Jun.2001 23:52

Jeremy David Stolen fellowtraveler@riseup.net

Ooops, you got me. Yup, Kitzhaber was certainly a highly visible self-identified Democrat at Sunday's rally. I guess I must've thought I was listening to a Republican when I heard him say that, during his visit with President Fox on a recent trip to Mexico, "it became clear to me that with the economic reforms taking place in Mexico, that more and more Mexican citizens will find better jobs in Mexico and there will be fewer and fewer people coming to Oregon to find work." Now I have remembered that the "economic reforms" in question -- the rampant privatization and structural adjustments that have accompanied NAFTA and the peso bailout, and fueled the race-to-the-bottom for workers in both Mexico and Oregon -- were passed by Democrats.

I won't let it happen again !! ;)