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Email the Representatives of USTrade here

Here is a quick and easy way for you to express your dismay with the never-ending corporate attempts to subvert the will of the people for profit. Email the USTrade representatives, and let them know you don't approve of globalisation.
The USTrade is a group of representatives of industries and corporations that are interested in getting the globalisation attempts back on track. They exist to further globalisation, in the form of the FTAA, WTO, and FAST TRACK. FAST TRACK will allow the President to sign trade agreements, with no input from the people of the United States, the Senate, or Congress.

Here is your chance to let USTrade know that their secretive goals are contrary to national sovereignty, labor rights, human rights, environmental goals, and that they will only serve to increase the ravages of international poverty.

This is how it works. Below is a link that should email all the representatives of USTrade. Click that, and check to see if all the tons of addresses appear in the mail form, or that the maill form even appears. This does not work on all browsers. If it does work, you can copy and paste the message provided here into the mail form and send. Or, if you'd rather, write your own scathing message of protest. If the mail link does not work for you, simply press Ctrl n. This will bring up a new screen. Open your email program here. Copy and paste the addresses in the To: box, and copy and paste the message in the form.

Click here to mail THEM ALL!!

You can copy and paste the message below into your mail form, or write your own.
I understand that you are a representative of USTrade, a new group of industries and corporations, whose goals include furthering the FTAA, a new round of WTO meetings, and lobbying for FAST TRACK.
I would like you to know that these goals are not my goals. I oppose the Free Trade Area of the Americas. I believe that, like NAFTA, it will only serve to weaken labor rights, environmental laws, human rights, and enflame international poverty. I believe that the World Trade Organization weakens national sovereignty and increases the global disparity between rich and poor nations. I think that it is time for the people who will be harmed by these trade agreements to be told what these agreements will mean for them. Not a PR gloss of increased prosperity for all, but the hard truth. The truth being, that humans have become a commodity to be managed from on high, in secret. The truth being, that the goods and resources harvested and manufactured by a people do not belong to them or to their country. The truth being, that privatisation will spread to include even water, harming quality and increasing prices.
I understand that USTrade exists to increase the profits of its member corporations. But the rights of people and the planet should come before profits. I urge you to consider what I have said, and to cease and desist in your attempts to further globalisation.

If the mail form did not appear, or there was some other problem with the email addresses. Here they are, ready to be copied and pasted into the To: box of your email message.

Lane_william@cat.com, Vastine@uscsi.org, Cchoen@ecattrade.com, Lmenghetti@ecattrade.com, Chris.padilla@kodak.com, Psshearer@farmland.com, Piovino@ford.com, Kbrims@nam.org, Brimosch@nam.org, Kvargo@nam.org, m.irace@nftc.org, Autore@nrf.org, Ckjohnson@ti.com, Meggan.e.abboud@boeing.com, Ted.austell-III@pss.boeing.com, Bgwyn@brt.org, Jschneid@brtable.org, Cindy_braddon@mcgraw-hill.com, William_jordan@mcgraw-hill.com, Miller.rs.@pg.com, Wworkman@uschamber.com, Psshearer@farmland.com, Claude.boudrias@americanchemistry.com, Wpryce@as-coa.org, Pkilbride@as-coa.org, Mcs@gmabrands.com, Garyblum@agrilink.com, ustrade@nam.org