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video from Norpac and Pictsweet

Highlights from NORPAC and Pictsweet demonstratins, featuring Salem Mayor, Mike Swaim, decrying the inhumane treatment of workers by Pictsweet
video from Norpac and Pictsweet
video from Norpac and Pictsweet
Fine piece of journalism 25.Jun.2001 19:34

Jason Morgan bayak@ureach.com

Hi All,

For those of you that weren't able to make the rally
but want to know what is going on, check out the videos
on this subject. Nothing seems to have been missed!

The photographer even caught the police officer telling
the organizers they couldn't use a megaphone!

I was at this march this day and I learned quite a bit from watching these videos!

Way to present the REAL facts INDYMEDIA!!