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Protest at Starbucks! Pioneer Courthouse Square

Public education event and protest against Starbucks! Come join and demand - Environmental Justice Ecconomic Justice Social Justice
Media Advisory For Immediate Release For more information contact June 22nd 2001 Joe Huston: 503. 239.6841 WHAT: Public education event and protest against Starbucks, Inc * Worldwide campaign involving over 100 different locations * In solidarity with the Beyond Bio-devastation Conference in San Diego, CA - Protest and teach in response to the 2001 the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) conference. - www.biodev.org WHO: Northwest Resistance against Genetic Engineering (NW RAGE) Organic Consumers Alliance (OCA) * NW RAGE is working to stop the intrusion of genetic engineering into our lives, our food supply, our environment and our privacy. www.nwrage.org * Organic Consumers Alliance campaigns for Food Safety, Organic Agriculture, and Sustainability. www.purefood.org WHEN / WHERE: Tuesday the 26th of June at 12 -1:30 PM Starbucks on the Pioneer Courthouse Square WHY: Starbucks is a bad corporate citizen. It: * Sells thirty two million gallons of rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) tainted milk to its customer's each year. * Supports industrial farming practices that clear-cuts South and Central American forests. * Pays the farmer who grows the Starbucks coffee bean a sub-living wage and forces him to toil under poor working conditions. OUR INTENTIONS ARE TO FORCE CHANGE HOW: Inform the public about Starbucks policies and expose their practices. We demand that Starbucks: * Remove rBGH from it products as well as other GE (genetically engineered) ingredients from the beverages, baked goods, chocolate and ice-cream that it sells to its customers. * Start brewing and seriously promoting fare trade shade grown organic coffee. * Improve wages and working conditions for farm workers who grow their beans in Guatemala, Mexico and other nations.

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwrage.org
phone: phone: 503. 239.6841