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The Bicyclists' Breakfast

Heading West of the Broadway Bridge this morning was quite a treat!
This morning as cyclists crossed the Broadway Bridge to head towards the city on their ways to work, they were greeated by some folks (and a dog!) who were offering breakfast to people going by. The sign at the beginning of the bridge read "The Bicyclists' Breakfast" and surely enough, the people were passing out coffee cake and juice.

I am not sure if they were there all morning, but a lot of people stopped while I was there. I asked them the purpose, and they weren't with the BTA. They said it was to thank cyclists for riding a bike and to merely say good morning!

Now that is the kind of morning I like! We need more of this - let's get going, neighbors!

Who were those cyclists? I may never know, but hopefully I'll pass them on a bike path some day and we'll exchange sme friendly words. Something that surely wouldn't happen as two cars pass on the road!