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What's up with Dignity Village?

dignity village has to disband on july 1, what's up with that?
what efforts are in the works?
is there hope for them?
are any of the city councilors in favor of aiding DV in finding permanent land?

an update would be great.

Hope for Dignity 22.Jun.2001 13:24

Grape Vine

I heard that City Council member Eric Sten's office is working directly with dignity village to find a solution good for all. I hope to see you all there on the 1st.

Word on the street 22.Jun.2001 13:33

The PDX Prop Busta

The word on the street last week (from a homeless gentleman on the Sixth Avenue bus mall, and from a Street Roots vendor on Fifth) is that the July 1 forced move by the police is still expected to occur. The homeless gentleman said that Sisters of the Road (at 133 NW Sixth,  http://www.poorpeoplesguide.org/guide/orsisters.html) has more information and pledge cards about attending a rally there that day, at 10:00 a.m. Activists are hoping to get a big turn-out of Portland citizens to come show their support for the residents of Dignity Village, and make sure that law enforcement officers and the city behave themselves. Indymedia Portland will likely cover this event, but everyone who can show up should definitely do so. This is a basic issue of justice vs. injustice.

An update on cable access 23.Jun.2001 07:57

Jim Lockhart

There will be a 2 hour live cable access show fri. june 29 at 7p.m. channel 11. The show will include a slide show by one of the dv supporters, also villagers will be there to take calls from viewers.

Move with Dignity 23.Jun.2001 11:44


Dignity Villagers can speak for themselves and do so at their site.
Go to www.outofthedoorways.org to find their latest information. And listen to the news reports this coming week.