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The Shortwave Report 6/22/01 ¡LISTEN GLOBALLY!

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. (13.7MB). Free to rebroadcast. Deutsche Welle, Netherlands, China, Cuba. With times and frequencies for listening at home.
The latest Shortwave Report (June 22) is up on the web (29:58/ 13.7MB). It's free to rebroadcast, please notify me if you air it. If you only use a section, please mention the website so your audience can find the whole show if they wish. This weeks show features Radio Deutsche Welle, China Radio International, Radio Netherlands, and Radio Havana Cuba. From Deutsche Welle- a press review on the demonstrations at the E.U.Summit; a press review on the the riots in Algeria; from Man & Environment, East Timor's political devastation has been widely reported, but not the simultaneous complete deforestation over the past 10 years. From China Radio International- China is angry over the Taiwan playing with US Patriot missles this week; the EU feels that China is ready for entry into the WTO; then a press review on not envying the elite, and laws against false advertising. From Radio Netherlands- a big crack down on Falongong religion in China: Greenpeace ends a demonstration on a US oil rig; and Lebanese survivors of an Israeli massacre in 1983 are charging current Prime Minister Sharon with human rights violations (he was Defense Minister then) From Radio Havana Cuba- Israeli pacifists "Women In Black" are nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize; the month long road blockage by workers in Argentina changes when the military begins killing demonstrators; Mexico may intensify its southern borders; the state of Texas passes a resolution calling for an end to the sanctions against Cuba. All these stories plus times and frequencies for listening to shortwave at home. ?FURTHUR! http://www.outfarpress.com/outfarpress/swr_6_22_01.mp3

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