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Walk for Farmworker Justice AUDIO update, Wednesday, 20 June 2001

Excerpt of a conversation between Greg Pyle of Willamette River Organics and Ramon Ramirez, President of PCUN. ~3.5 megs, length: 3:47.
In the early afternoon of Wednesday, 20 June, the walkers marched to Camp Torres, where they stopped and spoke with Greg Pyle, who is a manager with Willamette River Organics. Pyle does not run or own the camp; "has nothing to do with [it]", in his words, but he did say that "We're very proud of the camp, with the way it looks and the way it is managed."

The camp has 16 units and 7 men to a unit, paying $4 a day each. That's over $14,000 a month for the camp owners. May to September are the busy months, although some residents stay longer. Transportation to and from the field is arranged by the growers. The residents pay for their own food. "A lot of times" a bus takes them into town to do laundry.

The camp is male-only, which is now illegeal, but this particular camp was grandfathered in. Pyle claims that the housing was up to OSHA standards, though a fire escape violation was spotted by one of the walkers during the visit. Pyle assured the crowd that someone was "coming out to fix it tomorrow".

Pyle and the walkers talked in depth about many issues. Though the conversation became a little tense at times, it was for the most part civil.

Here is an excerpt from the conversation, between Pyle and Ramon Ramirez, President of PCUN. It was recorded by Will Levin of KBOO, and MP3'd & commented by IMC Portland.

MP3 sound file