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PCUN's Farmer-controlled housing

Links to information on the FHDC housing in Woodburn, which PCUN helped set up.
On 21 June 2001, the Walk for Farmworker Justice stopped at the FHDC housing in Woodburn. The housing was set up with the help of PCUN and offers a welcome alternative to the squalid conditions found in many of the labor camps.

From the PCUN website:

"PCUN co-founded the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation (FHDC) in 1991. In 1994, FHDC constructed 48 apartments, the first phase of the Nuevo Amanecer ("New Dawn") project in Woodburn. This project, resulting in the first farmworker housing in Woodburn in over twenty years, has won numerous local and national awards. We exercise our influence within FHDC to ensure a strong commitment to tenant organizing and control, and to situating farmworker housing in town--rather than remote areas--as a step to break vulnerability to exploitation and de facto segregation. In 1999, FHDC inaugurated Phase II of Nuevo Amanecer, comprised of 40 more units. A second project called Esperanza Court, including permanent FHDC offices and 11 units located in Woodburn's Latino-dominated city center was opened in early 1998."

More info at the ATR website. ATR stands for "A Territory Resource". The organization describes itself as "a progressive foundation promoting social justice in the Northwest and northern Rockies."

8/2/00 article in Woodburn Independent.

9/27/00 article in Woodburn Independent.