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Walk for Farmworker Justice PHOTO update, Tuesday, 20 June 2001

Photographs of Camp Azul, taken about three weeks ago. Conditions remain the same there now.
These photographs are by Joe Stark. They were captured on video by IMC Portland at one of the Walk staging points, and outputted as stills here; that's why you see a picnic table surface in the background, behind each photograph. Captions are by IMC Portland.

More context for these photos is provided in this previously posted article.

Camp Azul. Seven people live in each structure.

"Improvements" to living conditions are visible in this photo. I.e., the fire extinguisher by the door.

Hole in roof.

Cockroaches in upper corner of a room.

More cockroaches, these stuck on duct tape.


Sinks in bathroom. There is only one bathroom building for the entire camp.