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Walk for Farmworker Justice update (2) for Tuesday, 19 June 2001

Visit to Camp Azul, a farmworker camp.
On Tuesday afternoon, marchers visited Campo Azul, a migrant labor campt just outside Scholls. The camp currently houses 114 workers and about 30 children in conditions that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has declared unliveable.

Workers live here year-round, which directly violates labor camp restrictions that allow such housing for a maximum of nine months of the year total. The small houses are neither insulated nor heated.

Though conditions at this camp now, they thave been worse. About a year ago, local activist Joe Stark helped convince the Tigard Church of God to donate almost $5000 to improve the conditions at the camp. Later, Mary Sackoff, wife of the owner of West Hills development, donated all the materials necessary to insulate and wire the houses.

Even with these generous donations, the dwellings still lack heat and are in general disrepair. The owner of the camp has done nothing to improve conditions there, though he collects $100 in rent from each resident every month.

Best Article of the Month of June 03.Jul.2001 22:12

Paul Hays soyboy_@hotmail.com

Patrick, I really do appreciate the work you did on this article.

It took time, talent and a knack for getting a complicated message to people without over-detailing it.

I am getting ready to bring a photograph exhibit to the metro Atlanta area about Migrant Farm Laborers. Unfortunately we will not have some of your photographs. If we did the people here would be better informed and more apt to work for and suceed in the trumpet call of social activism whether that be for a summer or much longer.

Paul Hays--Active with Farm Labor Organizing Committee
Atlanta area population over 4,300,135

i am shocked 20.Jan.2003 21:52


I was preparing a presentation for my spanish class on farmworkers living conditions and expected to find photos of unimaginable condtions. When I couldn't find any pictures I thought to myself "it must be SO bad that they can't even post pictures like that". Finally I found these pictures and was brought to tears...