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Walk for Farmworker Justice update (1) for Wednesday, 20 June 2001

Encounter with workers and a farm owner employee.
This morning (20 June), I joined a vanguard of PCUN marchers who went out to Willamette River Farms, where we met up with two representatives from PCUN, Ramirez Avila and Javier Velasquez. In the fields were farmworkers.

Avila and Velasquez used bull horns to reach the farmworkers and let them know there is broad support for their situation. During this time, one of the owner's sons arrived on a tractor and calmly asked the group what we were doing there. A short dialogue ensued in which the owner's son expressed interest in our presence, but claimed ignorance of "the business side of things" such as how mucht the workers are paid and what their living conditions are like.

Willamette Valley growers used to be members of NORPAC, but have since gone organic and removed themselves from the agricultural cooperative. The farms are located about 10 minutes south of Dayton in Union Vale.