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June 20th, 8h00 (GMT): Online-demo against deportation-business


since sunday night - 3 days in advance to the online-demonstration
against Lufthansa´s dirty deportation business - the online protest
software is ready for download on about 30 international websites.
with the aid of the software, those, who are against deportation, will
be able to overload the lufthansa server on wednesday, 20th of june
2001, 10h00 German Local Time (i.e. 8h00 GMT) through multiple
requests to LH´s public websites.
June 20th, 8h00 (GMT): Online-demo against deportation-business
June 20th, 8h00 (GMT): Online-demo against deportation-business
The software neither finds its way into other computers nor does it
destroy or change other data.
It furthermore makes neither registration entries nor any changes to
the users operating system.

everybody shall be able to participate! besides the possibility to
install linux and windows (not windows95) protest-programmes, there
will be therefore the possibility to start a program directly from the
campaign homepage (and the mirrorsites). so all those, who do not have
a download possibility (e.g. in some companies or in most internet
cafés) or have a Macintosh, can participate in the

with this virtual sit-in in front of lufthansa´s public internet
representation we are protesting against the airline´s
deportation.business. If companies - like Lufthansa - shift to the
internet, then our protest against their cruel business should not be
limited to the streets, because the virtual streets are suitable for
sit-ins as well. and: nobody has to travel!

the massive and simultanous log-in is necessary to crowd and block the
access to the internet portal of the Lufthansa AG with the requests of
thousands and thousands of net-activists
and thus to express our protest against the deportation business of
Lufthansa AG.

Therefore the initiatives kein mensch ist illegal (no human is
illegal) and Libertad! call for a online-demonstration against
deportation on June 20th 2001, 10h00 o´clock German Local Time ,
parallel to Lufthansa´s shareholders conference.

The online-demo is supported by a wide amount of antiracist groups and
initiatives from all over the world.

information in different languages, the software-download and the
JavaScript start button (for Macintosh and those, who cannot
download), as well as a clock showing the exact German Local Time


on the website
 http://go.to/online-demo or

start the software on 20th of june 2001, 10h00 o´clock German Local
Time (8h00 GMT)
(until 12h00 o´clock German Local Time)

or from one of the mirrorsites:


contact:  online-demo@gmx.net
phone: +49 177 - 5029083

homepage: homepage: http://go.to/online-demo
phone: phone: +49 177 - 5029083