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candles on the water - 6/21 Planetary Blackout/solstice happening

something to do for the Planetary Blackout! meet at Share-It Square on the solstice (6/21) at 8:30pm to make paper boats to send down the Willamette with candles

Subject: wishes down the river
Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 1:29 PM

It is an old Viking tradition to honor fallen heros by sending them out to sea on a flaming ship. In the spirit of this tradition, people in Nordic countries still celebrate the summer solstice in a similar way: holding huge bonfires on the beach for the longest day of the year.

Not only does fire symbolize glory and courage, in nature it is also a catalyst for rebirth and the source of light and heat for our planet.

With these ideas in mind, I am proposing a (small) fire-based celebration of the solstice right here in Portland. On June 21st, this Thursday, I will be making paper boats of wishes and hope, and sending these wishes out into the world in a combination of fire and water.

Anyone who wants to join me can meet at Share-It Square in Sellwood (SE 9th and Sherret) at 8:30pm, June 21st. I will bring candles and some supplies for people to make boats. From there I will be going down to the river at Sellwood Riverfront Park (next to Oaks Bottom Amusement Park).

Happy Solstice!