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National Walk for Farmworker Justice

The National Walk for Farmworker Justice will go up the Willamette Valley, June 18-25, 2001.

National Walk for

Farmworker Justice


through Oregon's Willamette Valley

June 18-24, 2001

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The Walk for Farmworker Justice coalition is comprised of religious, labor, youth, environmental, and human rights organizations. We share a commitment to justice and dignity for all workers, including farmworkers.

We believe:

*Farmworkers deserve the right to organize and bargain collectively without fear of reprisal.

*Farmworkers deserve the right to self-determination, justice and dignity in the workplace and society.
*PCUN is a legitimate representative of Oregon farmworkers.
*We have an imperative to seek justice for our brothers and sisters who grow and harvest the food we eat.

Goals of the WFJ:
*Bring national attention and support to the Oregon farmworkers' struggle for justice and the right to bargain collectively.
*Increase the pressure to bring NORPAC to the table.
*To create a march focused on faith and justice, bringing together farmworker advocates with farmworkers in the tradition of Cesar Chavez.
*Construct an inclusive coalition of labor, faith, and community members to be a force for justice now and in the years ahead


The WALK FOR FARMWORKER JUSTICE is committed to creating both an inclusive event and an enduringcoalition that is an accessible, safe space, free of racism, sexism,xenophobia, homophobia and all other forms of prejudice and oppression. The WFJ coalition is committed to nonviolence in both word and deed.


Workers want negotiations with growers, not retaliation.
But they need our solidarity!

Farmworkers employed by growers who are members of NORPAC have been struggling for improved living and working conditions for more than ten years. NORPAC is one of the largest grower-owned processing cooperatives of frozen fruits and vegetables. Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN), Oregon's farmworker union, has
actively supported the workers' collective efforts to negotiate with growers for fair resolutions to their issues.

Despite repeated attempts by PCUN, religious and community organization to address these issues, the NORPAC growers have steadfastly refused to participate in any dialogue. Workers who attempt to claim their basic rights are met with discrimination, firings, evictions from grower-owned housing, mechanization of harvests, anti-farmworker and immigrant law proposals, and threats of physical violence.

These workers harvest the food we eat. We cannot quietly condone their exploitation.


Join hundreds of farm worker supporters to:
*Walk by fields where farmworkers labor to show our solidarity
*Share meals and evening programs with farmworker communities
*Attend workshops with nationally renowned theologians and social justice leaders
*Participate in rallies and an interfaith service in the state capitol
*Build broad-based support for farmworkers in Oregon


Help us deliver our simple message:
NORPAC, come to the table to talk with farmworkers and their union, PCUN.


Farmworkers in Oregon
and throughout the United States
are denied their basic rights!

*Farmworkers often work 10 hour shifts, six to seven days a week, with no paid breaks or overtime pay.

*Many farmworkers are paid scanty wages, exposed to toxic pesticides, denied access to toilets and drinking water in the fields, and subjected to intimidation and harassment by growers and contractors.

*Child labor is still a reality in the fields. In 1999, two NORPAC growers in the Willamette Valley were cited and fined for child labor violations.

Underlying these abuses is the failure of most growers to respect farmworkers' right to organize. Growers refuse to recognize workers' requests to be represented by a union or to participate in collective bargaining for a contract.

The Walk for Farmworker Justice in Oregon will strengthen the farmworker movement for justice everywhere!

Tentative Schedule:

The march will begin on Tuesday June 19, and will grow in numbers through the week. If you can only come for a few days, we encourage you to join us toward the end of the week.

We anticipate walking up to eight hours each day. Evenings will be spent sharing meals and programs with local farmworker and church/union communities. There will also be workshops with nationally renowned theologians and social justice leaders.

Highlights for the week:
Trainings and workshops for volunteers during the day, orientation program for week-long participants in the evening.

Tuesday: Press conference and kick-off

Saturday: Rally in Stayton, where NORPAC is based

Sunday: Rally and culminating interfaith service at the State Capitol in Salem.

We anticipate that the final event will end by 3:00PM on Sunday, June 24. We hope you can make travel arrangements accordingly.

Lodging is available for the core 100 participating all week. Additional participants will be accommodated by local communities and organizations. Meals will be provided for pre-registrants.

If you have the time and want to be involved, but long days of walking are not for you, contact us about being part of a support team for the Walk.

For more information, a list of endorsers to date, and registration forms please contact the

WFJ coalition

P.O. Box 10272
Eugene, OR 97440
(541) 602-8097

Yes, I'm interested in the Walk for Farmworker Justice.
Please send me more information and registration materials.



Org affiliation (if any)________________________


City_________________________ State________


Phone number _______________________(home) _______________________ (work) Email_____________________________

_____ Yes, I am willing to share materials with the congregation, union, or community organization that I participate in.
_____ Yes, I would like to have Walk organizers make a presentation to my congregation, union, or community organization.
_____ I have enclosed a financial contribution to help with the Walk.

Mail to:
WFJ, P.O. Box 10272, Eugene, OR 97440
(541)602-8097, wfj@mail.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.pcun.org



I heard on shortwave radio (ALEX JONES, at "GENESIS") that the Feds turned off the water for farmers in Klamath, Oregon. I guess this is their tactic to buy up all the land. They are creating these crises and then stealing the land. So, STARVE A FEEDING BUREAUCRAT!