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The Barcelona Campain's NEW Calender

The Barcelona Campain's oficial calendar for June
The Barcelona campain continues with full force with a slight change of schedule but with a lot of the same activities that were planned.

During the first two weeks of June activities are being planned by local organizations through out Spain and Catalunya.

2,3 of June: Civil disobedience workshops are being held in Barcelona to prepare for futur actions.

16-21 of June: The actions at the local level intesify with an emfasis on the sixteenth, day in which we accuse the UE of being an agent for economical globilazation.

Everything from now on takes place in Barcelona.

22,23 of June: Counterconference and on the 23rd at night popular St-John's party.

24 of June:
Mid-day: Festive Protest March
Afternoon: Popular trial in front of the BCN Stock Exchange.
Evening/night: "Diner at the stock exchange" followed by a party an camp out until the 25th.

25 of June: "Visit" to the stock exchange.

From the 26th and on activities to be discussed.


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