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Flashpoints Radio, June 13, 2001: Why 1000's of Europeans are protesting GWBush

KPFA Flashpoints Radio June 13, 2001 (link to audio in 'full story') - Why 10,000's of Europeans are gathering in Sweden to protest G.W.Bush. (8 min) - U.S. Congress set to give G.W.Bush fast track authority (10 min) - Lawful abortion providers being intimidated by "pro-life" bombings and arsons. (13 min) - Abducted Cololmian indigenous environmental activist Kimi Pernia Domico still missing (9 min)
Wednesday, June 13, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
-00:00(joined in progress) Yuh Sun: 10,000's of Europeans gather in Sweden to protest G.W.Bush's visit. Gregory Pellas of London Observer newspaper explains the basis of cultural and policy clashes with foreign leaders. Prof. Margerie Cohen of Thomas Jefferson School of Law expands: Kyoto agreement, death penalty, missile defence, Cuban blockade, sanctions against Iraq, human rights violations. Pellas: Israel's possible nuclear blowup. "... We're getting back to the image of the Ugly American. "
-07:30 music break
-08:00 Celia Alario w/ Mike Dolan of Public Citizen's Trade Watch. Congress starts processing G.W.Bush fast track authority, would surrender constitutional responsibility to administer foreign commerce after due public discussion. Fast track is legislative laxative, taking public participation in trade issues away from U.S. citizens. FTAA means expanding the flawed and failed NAFTA throughout the hemisphere. Mo info: 415-934-1142
-17:45 Celia Alario w/ Katherine Spiller of Feminist Majority and Jennifer Parker director of Access. Lawful abortion providers being intimidated and put out of business by violent "pro-life" bombings and arsons. Concern about Bush's probably nominee of an anti-abortion justice to the Supreme Court. The public is against making abortion illegal.


-30:50 Indigenous environmental activist Kimi Pernia Domico, a spokesperson for the Embera people following the construction of Urr? dam, still missing after abduction last week by armed gunmen. W/ Sandra Alvarez of Global Exchange reports on demonstrations today in Colombia, in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. Rampant environmental devastation and militarization a result of U.S. drug policy in the Andes, Kimi's abduction one more result.
-39:20 End today's show

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