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OSHA Fines Pictsweet

In this post, you'll find an update as to the latest development at the Salem, OR Pictsweet plant, and two articles that have appeared in the local media regarding this struggle.
Workers at Pictsweet continue their struggle to have PCUN to represent them. Yet despite repeated requests, the company has still refused to negotiate. In fact, PCUN has agreed to recognize the authority of the Bishop Ed Paup,
of the United Methodist Church, Oregon-Idaho Conference, to verify that a majority of workers indeed want PCUN to represent them. Yet the company has to date failed to agree to such a process.

Last week, Oregon OSHA fined Pictsweet $7475 as a result of numerous violations inside the plant, including $2500 for the incident that cost Enrique Lupian Diaz his right hand and part of his right forearm. The inspection documented that the company had asked an untrained worker to drive the forklift. That worker mistakenly drove the forklift forward
instead of putting it in reverse. In spite of efforts to save his hand and forearm, doctors ultimately had to amputate. Enrique sends a heartfelt thank you to all who sent get well cards to him during his long stay in the
hospital. He's now at home, recuperating. He's continues to voice support for the union and has given several presentation to supporters.

At the request of workers, we've sent out letters to many of Pictsweet's customers, asking them to contact the company and encourage them to negotiate. If the Pictsweet declines their offer, we've asked that they no longer purchase Pictsweet mushrooms. We'll be following up to the letters with phone calls and delegations of workers and supporters. Please Marlena Gangi at PCUN if you'd like to join such a delegation.

Right now, all effort is being focused on the Walk For Justice. The Walk will pass by the Pictsweet plant on Saturday, the 23rd. Workers at Pictsweet are currently planning to join the march during its five day journey to Salem. For more information on the Walk, see  http://www.wfjustice.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.wfjustice.org