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June 17th in Eugene! Chellis Glendinning/Ward Churchill

"June 17th Eugene: A Celebration of Resistance to Local and Global Capitalism. This year's day-time event will include speakers from Chile discussing the Mapuche resistance, lots of entertainment and a giant game of Anarchist Soccer. It will begin at 2:30 at Washington-Jefferson Park @ 5th and Washington, Eugene.

"The night-time event will be: A Celebration Of Resistance to Genocide, Ecocide, and All Forms Of Oppression. Featuring CHELLIS GLENDINNING and WARD CHURCHILL. Chellis is an eco-feminist author and Churchill is a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) and an author as well. Both are brilliant thinkers and are not to be missed by anyone excited about the culture of resistance. There will also be a short film highlighting resistance to domination around the world. This event begins at 7:00 at The WOW Hall @ 8th and Lincoln, Eugene.

"Everything is FREE (though any donations for our speakers' air-fair would be of great help!) and Sunday June 17th looks to be a huge event. Don't miss it!

"For more info, send e-mail to Anarchist Action Collective at  aaceugene@hotmail.com
Ward Churchill is a agent.Just ask the AIM! 13.Jun.2001 10:23

cort greene

For mor info on Ward Churchill contact Veron Bellacourt with AIM in Minnasota or their website.

Writings from the speakers 13.Jun.2001 17:49


For examples of these speakers' writings, see:
for Chellis Glendinning

for Ward Churchill

Ward Churchill=Provocateur/Disrupter 14.Jun.2001 09:52

cort greene

Ward Churchill is a agent provocateur/disrupter.Durning Wounded Knee ,he worked for the South Dakota State Police.He has worked for Soildier of Fortune Magazine and the FBI.Check out the American Indian Movement/Grand Governing Council website at www.aimovement.org or call Vernon Bellecourt at 612-721-3914.AIM and the International Indian Treaty Council will tell you the rael truth about this guy not some nothing anarchist.