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Portland Ripped Off by Globalisation

The people of the tri county area have invested 78 million dollars in the Shipyard & Dry Dock #4. This investment and 1800 jobs are at stake. Act now.
Dry dock number 4 is the largest dry dock in the Americas, capable of repair work on Oil supertankers and large ocean liners. Tri-county voters financed the Dry Dock in 1976 with a bond issue of $84 million. Hundreds of Portland families depend on shipyard jobs. Portland is at serious risk of losing this valuable resource.

Eight months ago the Port of Portland privatized the Swan Island Ship Repair Yard. The owners are in bad economic shape, and propose to get well at Portland's expense by selling off the Dry Dock.

Dry Dock 4 has been sold to Freeport Harbour Company in the Bahamas, a Free Trade Zone Tax Shelter where businesses pay no taxes on profits, capital gains, inheritance or income.

Dry Dock 4 was sold for more than the present owner paid for the entire shipyard. This action is the direct result of Globalization. It is the reason we marched against the FTAA.

We Need All Concerned Citizens to Join Us June 13th.

At the Port of Portland Building, 121 NW Everett St at 8:00 am the Port Commission will hear public testimony about the sale of the Dry Dock. Please come and show your opposition to this theft of the public's investment in this vital resource.

Multi-modal support 11.Jun.2001 15:43


Can the previous post-er please provide:

~ links to more information about the sale

~ and more info about how to oppose the sale (i.e. written testimony, timelines, specific staff people)

Thanks and praises.