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Why should you care?

Maybe you don't, but DC Indy Media is outta control with hidden agendas, editing, changing (hiding 12 of my posts)
people if you don't care i don't care but i thought "one for all all for one"....whatever, i never get gassed i just get justice. don't let them ruin your movement. go to my site and click on the indy media link it'll take you right to the evidence.

if they unhide it, i have the evidence ready to scan..what does indy media around the world stand for. peace j.c.

p.s. it could be your posts next!!!!!!!

by the way they tell me i should not post there...but that's were senator patty murray lives with all her pac money!!!! peace out j.c.

homepage: homepage: http://www.thelastamericanwarriors.com