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The Shortwave Report 6/8/01 ¡LISTEN GLOBALLY!

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinions recorded from a shortwave radio. Free to rebroadcast, please notify. Times and freqs for English-language broadcasts. Deutsche Welle, Netherlands, Russia, Cuba, China. (13.8MB/30:00)
The latest Shortwave Report (June 8, 2000) is up on the web. (13.8MB/ 30:00) As always, this 30 minute weekly review of news stories recorded from a shortwave radio is Free To Rebroadcast. If you air it, I would appreciate notification, if you air only a section please mention the website so your audience can check out the whole show. I appreciate your comments and encouragement.
This week's show features Radio Deutsche Welle, the Voice of Russia, Radio Netherlands, Radio Havana Cuba, and China Radio International.
From Deutsche Welle (Germany) a story about World Environment Day and the European Union's progress at reducing carbon emissions despite Bush Jr's withdrawal of the US from the Kyoto Protocols.
From the Voice of Russia a story about the exciting news that Russia can make $20 billion "taking in" spent nuclear fuel rods and nuclear waste from other countries, including the US. (Sounds sweet, but listen to the next story from Netherlands)
From Radio Netherlands- a story about the Russian nuclear dump plan with some additional details (90% of the populace is opposed, they don't have a good track record with nuclear safety etc); Two stories from Argentina- the head of the military is arrested for selling weapons to Croatia and Ecuador, and the disappearance of at least three workers from the Department of Agriculture. Prosecutors in Guatemala are seeking 30 year sentences for the 1998 murder of a bishop involved in human rights. A Dutch ship is parking offshore of Ireland to provide abortions. Gang wars enter week three in Jamaica. In Nepal, the royal family was executed, but the government says an assault rifle accidently went off- were the Maoists involved or the new heir to the throne or what?
From Radio Havana Cuba- an opinion piece about the 21st assembly of the Organization of American States being held in Costa Rica; Scientific experts in the US are asking Bush Jr to abandon Star Wars and really reduce nuclear weapons; a new crowd control weapon which shoots adhesive is about to debut at the next anti-global demonstrations.
From Radio China International- the presidents of Columbia and Mexico are hanging with the Chinese Premier; China celebrated World Environment Day and called on the US to return to the Kyoto Protocols.
All these stories plus times and frequencies for English-language broadcasts.

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