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Safe Routes to School

help the safe routes to school bill (hb
3712) get through the senate!
Last week, the bill passed unanimously on the House
floor, and it has now been referred to the Senate Rules and Redistricting Committee.

In its original form, HB 3712 set aside $5 million to
help fix hazards that keep kids from walking and bicycling to school. Unfortunately, the bill was amended to eliminate the bill's requirement that the state set up a Safe Routes to School grant fund. It now directs cities and counties to work with school district personnel to identify hazards that make walking or bicycling to school unsafe, and to develop a plan to address those hazards.

Although HB 3712 no longer contains funding, it is an
important first step to create safe routes to school. The bill will push cities and counties to evaluate where kids can - or can't - walk and bicycle.

This information will be critical to a successful
campaign for funding in the future.

Please contact your Senator on the Rules and
Redistricting Committee and urge him/her to move HB 3712 out of committee. Let him/her know that providing safe places for kids to walk and bicycle is important
to you, and that you hope the will support the bill.

Committee members are:

Steve Harper, Klamath Falls (Chair)
Peter Courtney, Salem (Vice Chair)
Jason Atkinson, Jacksonville
Lee Beyer, Springfield
Kate Brown, Portland
Randy Miller, Lake Oswego
John Minnis, Fairview

For contact information, go to www.leg.state.or.us.

For more information about HB 3712, contact Catherine
Ciarlo at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, 503.226.0676;  catherine@bta4bikes.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.bta4bikes.org
phone: phone: 503.226.0676v

bike groups 07.Jun.2001 13:18


Another good bike group I am hearing about is the group that can be reached at  lists@pdxbikes.org.

and don't foget to ride your monthly dose of Critical mass for fun and power.