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City Accepts Audior's Review Board

Well, no big surprise here, but City Council passed the Auditor's review
board through.
Well, no big surprise here, but City Council passed the Auditor's review
board through today, 5-0. Commissioner Saltzman added a piece which allows
the Independent Police Review (IPR) investigators to ask questions
directly to police. However, they wil still be doing so in the presence of
Internal Affairs (IAD) detectives, who "may repeat the question or order
the officer to answer."
Still dependent on the IAD, we propose to call this the DPR (Dependent
Police Review) or the CPR (Co-dependent police review. (Alan Graf proposed
Placebo Police Review, but that would make it the PPR, like the Copwatch
newsletter.) What's your pleasure? I like DPR because we can call it
"Diaper" or "CPR" because that's what the review baord needs.
Anyway, the Auditor also let it slip that he needed to call other cities
before writing the code language about reviewing shootings and
deaths...which is weird since he visited San Francsisco, where the review
board does independent investigations in these case, and San Jose, which
does reviews. In other words, when he went to those cities, he already
knew he didn't want to review those cases, so he didn't do research on how
to handle them.
Council, nonetheless, lauded Blackmer for his honessty and integrity,
berated the "activists" and "advocates" and "legitimate groups"
(presumably the League of WOmen Voters) who were criticizing the board
instead of coming along and helping make it work.
Whatever happens, people should probably attend the IPR meetings and keep
an eye on the system so we can know its faults inside and out; then when
PAC-2002 gets on the ballot more people can give first hand criticisms of
this new, not-independent, system.
By the way, Diane, Kristian and I all testified, as did Mr Graf,
Darleane Lemley of the League, two members of the East Side Democrats, and
Dora McCrae. There may have been more, I think it was a total of about a
dozen, all saying the new plan wasn't good enough, and then Bob Wells of
the current PIIAC asked for the number of citizens to be raised from 9 to
11. He was ignored, as were the rest of us.
When I repeated my criticism that the Chief is not, the way the code is
written, obligated to accept the Council's finding as final. The City
Attorney announced that the existing language is sufficient--and that was
the end of the discussion.
Well, we can watch the Council be hoist on their own petard.
Write back or call for more info.
--dan handelman

--Portland Copwatch
PO Box 42456
Portland, OR 97242
(503) 236-3065 (office)
(503) 321-5120 (incident report line)
Grovelling Stupidity of Copwatch 13.Jun.2001 10:18

cort greene

Once again we see the grovrlling stupidity of Copwatch in the way that they have conducted themselves in organizing against the abuse that the police do every day.Maybe they did not kiss the Mayor's ass long enough.The police are a occupation army ,not something you can reform.Even where they have Citizen's Review Boards, the police still murder people(Minn.) . If Copwatch would spent as much time working with people as they do slandering and attacking the left.Maybe they would see where they when wrong.

Did you miss the sessions on playing nicely? 19.Jun.2001 23:20


Even those of us who may have principled political differences with Copwatch about how to control the police (and I have no illusions that an independent civilian review board will solve all the problems with the police) have respect for Copwatch.
Since it began in Portland a number of years ago it has come to countless demonstrations and events to monitor police activity. It has trained hundreds, perhaps thousands in Know Your Rights and other basic legal workshops. Produced thousands of pocket cards in several different languages. It has provided advice and comfort to scores of families who have come under attack by the police.
It would be difficult to name an activist group in Portland who has not benefited from their presence at demonstrations.
And what exactly have you done, Cort? Please let us know where you have organized and what you have done so we can weigh this and decide why we should listen to your screeds. Anybody can throw mud. I am not throwing mud here, just asking: what have you done, where have you organized, what have you written or produced? We know who Copwatch is and what they have done. What about you?