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Indy Media D.C. owes me

Indy Media D.C. owes me a Public Apology for hiding my complaints against VAWA(Violence Against Women Act) This is a sad day for Warrior's!

Visit my site. My complete Domestic violence case is now available (her side). I offer $10,000.00 dollars to anyone that can show I am a violent man towards women or anyone other then to call me names. My name is Jeffrey Chelton 843 NW 97th St Seattle, WA. 98117, for those who think they can collect. I respected this movement until a group of editor's and people who claim to care about this world and it's problems, attacked me and my character over and over again., because of my political viewpoint on Senator Patty Murray, and N.O.W., and VAMA and NAFTA. They say power is corrupting and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is the lesson to be learned here. I just am trading haters for haters!

Peace J.C.

homepage: homepage: http://www.thelastamericanwarriors.com/what_started_the_false_allegatio.htm

DC IMC is not all IMC 07.Jun.2001 08:47


All IMCs have their own policies. I highly doubt I would agree with DCs hiding of your post. I believe all IMCs can make their own decisions, but those decisions for hiding posts you be that the majority go untouched.

The comments section is what allows for dialogue, something very rare in media.

PDX IMC Editorial Policy:

The Portland IMC reserves the right to hide posts that:

1. Are duplicates, we keep the most recent
2. Are obviously slanderous or libelious
3. Advocate critminal activity with a specific time, place and manner

absolute hyperbole 07.Jun.2001 12:31


Since when does IMC possess 'absolute power'?

Its the forbidden fruit 07.Jun.2001 13:21

J.C. warrior1777@msn.com

Its scary the forbiden fruit. Once ya take a bite, well we know, in Revolution (redistibution of wealth) the rich become poor the poor become a little less poor, and the leaders become the rich...the ones that know what's best for all of us...thats how it works! Peace J.C.
Personally I would not tolerate it other than same posting of same story period...the rest is "Hey I didn't say it or encourage it!" Peace J.C. The people in this movement that are gay could not handle my opposition to some of their sponsored legislation that took my son from me probably forever you guess is as good as mine since i am not violent will not get violent...what's a guy to do? Peace J.C.

Absolute Power 07.Jun.2001 15:03


To those who choose to fight against IMC, I say "Get involed". it's not easy work and there are precious few of us who sure as hell wouldn't mind a few days of relaxation instead of keeping the thing going but you know, hey, it's for the REVOLUTION right?

As for absolute power, I don't know where you get the notion that people involevd in IMCs across the world have absoluter power. We're pretty powerless without the help of folks who post to the newswire. We're able to hide posts as we see fit because we created technology that allows that. Big deal. All posts can be viewed on the story administration page even if they've been hidden. So they're not right out in the open, big deal.

I Was trying to 08.Jun.2001 04:59

J.C. warrior1777@msn.com

I was attacked we are fighting for the same things..


Well all of my nice lovely critics. REALMEDIA FILE AVAILABLE at MY SITE.."TURN OFF YOUR RECORDER KINDA STUFF!! Feminist Judge makes me turn my recorder off in a public place?????

Apology yet? You people do not like it when someone edits you, and what you are saying, PERIOD!!! You people do not like the "POWERS TO BE" not allowing you to Record VIDEO, whatever the DUCK, because that shows conspiracy...kill the message.......Remember or was all those pictures and tapes I listened to on your site BULLSHIT TOO! The lights are on, but nobody is home. I guess if you dance with the devil long enough, you'll start likng pitchforks too.