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New Anti-Capitalist Magazine

"Left Turn" the new anti-capitalist magazine from Left Turn - a network of anti-capitalists and revolutiory sociaists and others.
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Left Turn announces the publication of a new magazine focusing on the debates in the growing anti-capitalist movement. We need your support.
Rattling the System from Seattle to Quebec

Bush and the Environment

Star War Returns


Quebec, Cincinnati, Palestine, Vieques, Turkey
PLUS: Articles by Manning Marable, Mike Davis, Walden Bello, Maude Barlow, Alex Callinicos and Michael Moore.

ALSO: Reports on DC General Hospital, NYC union organizing, Harvard sit-in, Indymedia, Plan Columbia and much more.

This issue is the collective effort of many people, and we are producing a magazine that lives up to the quality of its content. Our budget for this first printing, which should last us through the summer, is $3,000. Depending on the success of the first issue, we will decide how often new editions of the magazine will be produced in the future.

We are asking for a financial contribution--as much as you can manage--to support the launch of this first issue of LeftTurn and lay the basis for future editions.

Please make your check payable to Kerry Sylvia and mail it to the following address:

Rami El-Amine
1031 Quebec Place, NW
Washington, DC 20010

Click here to request the first edition of LeftTurn.
(Please note, at the present time we cannot accept international orders.)
Left Turn has put together two on-line Resource Collections of articles from the various publications of the anti-capitalist movement worldwide.
Click here for Resource Collection #1 featuring Noam Chomsky, Susan George and others.

Click here for Resource Collection #2 featuring writers such as Naomi Klein, Chris Dixon, Boris Kagarlitsky, and others .

homepage: homepage: http://www.left-turn.org

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