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ge tree protest coming up - join in

People have started organising around the so far biggest industry funded ge trees conference globally. It will take place in Washigton State close to Portland. Join in organising a weekend of protest against the genetic engineering and patenting of trees on July 21 and 22. We need organisers in portland and other places in the Northwest, money, graphic designers etc etc
Dear Friends,

This is a call to action. Please join with us in voicing and organizing our opposition to the development of transgenic trees on July 21 and 22. Over the last few years many companies and universities have field- tested genetically engineered trees and they are planning to release them into the wild on a commercial scale soon. Genetically Engineered Trees not only carry new genes they also carry unpredictable effects and dangers to the environment.Whether we are campaigning on genetic engineering, logging, environmental justice, wilderness, patents on life, loss of biodiversity and indigenous culture or globalization, genetic engineering of trees affects all of these issues.
Trees are the oldest and largest organisms on the planet. Some of them have genomes 8 times larger than the human genome. We cannot and should not alter their genomes that have developed and adapted to the environment over millions of years. Already we have seen that experiments with transgenic trees have gone wrong, creating serious negative impacts on the environment.
Let us not wait until GE trees are grown commercially all over the world. We have to let the public, the industry and the universities know that we will not sit and watch until genetic pollution from transgenic trees covers our forests. Once the trees are released they will contaminate surrounding forests and downstream ecosystems, and upset the ecological balance of forest communities. It cannot be recalled.
Read more on the dangers of ge trees on
(Global Alliance Against GE Trees).
We are organizing a large response to an upcoming conference on transgenic trees to take place in Stevenson Washington (Skamania Lodge) from July 22-27 2001. Skamania lodge is about one hour from Portland in the Columbia Gorge. To connect to the website for the GE Tree conference go to: www.gaaget.org and click on the events link.
A small number of people have started to organize around the conference to provide space for alternative voices. But more people need to get involved to make the events a success.The biotech industry needs to know we do not accept their vision of complete biological domination and commodification of all life on this planet.
Here are a number of things you can do to get involved:

Contact us!! Let us know if you can help.
Check out our website and the conference website.
Spread this email far and wide.
Include information on the protest and conference on your email lists, pamphlets, magazines etc.
Come to Portland on the 21 and 22 of July.
Come to Portland now!! And help organize. (We need more people to get this going. We will house you).
Email us to get posters and flyers to distribute.
Send us some money (we are broke).
If you are in the Northwest or in Western Canada organize teach ins. We are available for speaking engagements from now until the conference.

Call us in Portland at: 503 239 6841
Email:  gaaget@gaaget.org

Or write to us at:
GE-tree Conference
PO Box 15289
Portland, Oregon 97293
please spread this email.

For the wild