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Help Russian Workers resist rollback of rights

A national day of resistance to the attempt by international financial bodies to impose a new labor code on Russia, rolling rights back to the days of Czar Nicholas, will be held on 6/19. See the flyer.
A move is under foot in Russia, under pressure from the World Bank and IMF and facilitated by president Putin, to roll back labor rights to Czarist standards. The 'normal' work week would be defined as 56 hours, and all protection against arbitrary firing would be removed.

A national day of action has been declared to resist the 'labor code of slavery', scheduled for the 19th of June. An international group of labor activists, International Solidarity with Workers of Russia (ISWoR) is distributing a flyer and petition. Please take a moment to read and sign:

Labor Code Appeal.

A similar attempt to roll back labor rights in Mexico was reported yesterday. Have no doubt. They will come for you.